How to Create a HP Connected Account for My HP Printer?

One can setup and troubleshoot the web connected printer with HP connected account. Initially create account and add printer to the account. With HP created account one can do the following things such as

  • Check the connectivity and print status of the printer including ink level status.
  • Control who can print from my printer and check the status of current ePrint jobs.
  • Manage the printer’s ePrint settings and browse available print apps.
  • Add, configure or remove print apps from the most web connected printers.
  • You can find help resources on the HP ePrint center along with print schedule for automatic print.

HP Connected Account Requirements

Initially make sure it to supported in your country and location. And if you don’t find your country name listed then it is not supported in your country. If your printer has HP ePrint logo then the printer is a web connected printer. You have to navigate to Web Services Setup, Network Setup and Wireless settings to activate the web services. And your printer and computer or mobile devices must connected on same wireless network.

Registering HP Connected Account

To register your printer to HP connected account, you have to get the printer claim code which can found on the printer service info page. To get the claim code follow the below steps.

  • For printers with touchscreen display, initially load your printer with enough paper.
  • Make sure ink cartridges installed and the web services activated. To turn on the web service, go to printer control panel.
  • Now click the HP ePrint button and click Setup. And follow the onscreen instructions.
  • For printers text based display, go to web services setup, wireless settings and follow the onscreen instructions to turn on the web services.
  • Once the web services enabled click print. Printer without touchscreen or text based display, use embedded web server to get the printer code.
  • Next for android and for Apple devices use HP Smart app to turn on web services and get the printer code.

Find the printer code on the info page printed. If the claim code is long without any spaces you have to enter it with in 48hours. If not reprint the print info page. At the same time if the print code contains four groups of number and latters with space in between them, then your code won’t get expired. But if you reprint and the previous code you printed will get expired. Finally if the info page doesn’t connect any claim code then your printer has connected to the HP connected account. So you have to delete that account and create a new account. So generates a new printer claim code.

How to Add My Printer with HP Connected Account?
  • First navigate to your printer or computer.
  • Then click Sign in or Create account. In the HP connected page enter the claim code you have noted. Now click Add. If you don’t find the option click “Add a Printer” button and click add.
  • Now enter the printer code displayed on the info page and click Add.
  • Then under the ePrint Settings, click the printer email address.
  • After that enter the new printer email address and click Submit.
How to Setup ePrint Services on My HP Printer?

Initially go to HP official website, sign in on the welcome screen. You can sign in with existing accounts on Facebook or Google. Simply follow the instruction to create an account. Then you have to enter the claim code which you get from the print service info page. To add your printer to the HP connected account, click the add printer button. If you do get “cannot print. Please connect HP printer to update printer ink status, and then connect your printer.

How to Setup Web Services from HP Connected Account?

You can set up HP instant ink services. It can deliver ink cartridges automatically to your address once you sign in and connect your printer. HP ePrint, which is a safe web based service that lets you print from anywhere. Using HP connected account you can send print jobs to HP printers. You can manage the ePrint access and also change the ePrint job preferences.

Deleting HP Connected Account

Initially go to HP connected account. In the home page, go to the very bottom. Then click the privacy statement link. In the privacy statement page, go to section 10 which has a heading of “Contacting us & How to Make a Complaint”. Then click the HP Privacy Office link. You can see privacy feedback form. You can complete the form to delete the account.