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Please read the privacy policy carefully since on using the service you are acknowledging that you understand and agree the terms and conditions. confirms that your personal information secured with us. can cease its operation anytime without any prior notification. If you don’t like your information collected you can delete them by informing us. We do take our privacy policy so seriously and if anyone misuses them we will take serious action against them. Misusing the content and plagiarizing them are not advisable. Our website might use the social plugins. You can identify the plug in by the Facebook logo of white f on a blue background. If you do use Facebook and don’t want the Facebook to store your data, you can logout of your Facebook account before accessing our website. And delete all Facebook related cookies. And keep in mind we as third party service provider give information about the products listed in the website and don’t support the brands or products. In our attempt to better use of the website we do collect first name, last name and email ID along with gender. And the service provider and country may also saved automatically by the cookies we use in the browser.

Liability Limitation and Your Choices

The website contains internal links and we are not responsible for the content in the links. Any distribution, processing, duplication and utilization needs proper written permission from the website authorities. Contact us anytime for removing your personal information with us. In the details form mention what the details asked for, don’t give more than that. The information may collect through chat or call. All our entities in our set required to take actions regarding the safety measures, to protect the personal information of the users in line with the privacy policy. We guard your personal information such as passwords and login name to customize our site for your accessibility. The visit to our website can result in storage of information such as date, time and the page you accessed or get use of it. This data collection don’t represent that we are collecting for any personal data analysis. And we cannot assume any liabilities for damages arising by following the information we produced on the website.


Cookies are small files used to store information about the users in the online services such as websites which will store in the users own computer. We do remove the personal information we stored after a certain period. Such collected personal information also subjected to all the guidelines and privacy policy. Cookies are small files used to connect the website with some servers. By the way the cookies note down how the users navigate through the website and use it to improve the traffic of the website in the future.

The users get the options to block the cookies. You can disable the cookies at any time you want. But by doing so you can’t be unable to visit some parts of the website and get the latest updates of the website. And after further processing we use this to optimize the website and improve the website traffic in the future. We don’t collect any other miscellaneous information.

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