123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe – LaserJet Pro specifications with driver setup

Characteristics of HP LaserJet M234sdwe

This are laser jet printer types with high versatility nature. And can produce low price per page compared to ink jet printers. With the basic print and scan functions it also supports Smart Web Printing. The main advantage is that the 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe printer prints at lightning speed. And has instant on technology. Download the software and driver from the CD came along the printer box.To update the latest version of software do it in 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe or 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe. The printer’s compact design is comfortable to fit in any place in your home or office environment. These printers low operating cost makes it an affordable type of printer. And the printer uses toner cartridges instead of ink cartridges. Laser jet printer produces great quality prints in your budget. And these printers are energy star certified. So it reduces the power consumption. The printer also has automatic ON and OFF technology. Inbuilt security system to protect against threats is a unique quality of HP. The convenient output tray of this printer designed in a way to cut paper jam. You can also print from USB connection. Laser jet printers are compatible with mac OS and supports multi task. For warranty related doubts call the HP customer service. You can also visit 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe or 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe.


Unbox and setup 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe

  • Start with placing the printer box in a plane surface and tear off the package. Then, keep aside all the manual guides you see inside the package including the installation CD. The installation CD contains the HP LaserJet M234sdwe printer software which can also downloaded from 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe.
  • Then slide the box the pull out the printer cover out of the box. Now remove the Styrofoam caps and plastic covers. After that remove all the orange plastic tapes around the printer surface. Then, keep in mind all the packing materials and cardboard that came along the printer are recyclable.
  • Now pull out the paper tray all the way out. Move aside the paper width guide. Load well aligned and fresh stack of paper in the tray. After loading slide in the tray. Now find the power cord, untie it and plug it in the power port in the rear end of the printer. In turn connect the other end to the wall outlet. Now power on the 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe printer and wait for few moments to get the printer silent and idle.
  • Finally, download the software and driver for the printer functions from 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe or 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe. After the printer get initialized set up the language, date and time in the printer control panel.

Installing printer driver on HP LaserJet Pro M234sdwe

  • First connect a 2.0 USB cable with the printer from the computer. Then switch ON the printer. Now navigate to 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe in the web browser of your computer. Then in the search box enter the device name along with the serial number. Then from the resultant page choose your printer name and check all the package description. Click “Change” to select your OS version and click download. Now under the Driver topic choose the driver package based on your requirements.
  • Then select USB in the installation window when prompts for printer connection option. Next if the installation wizard doesn’t open by itself. Open the file from its download. Accept or enable all the terms of condition to start the installation process. The software extracts and get installs in the computer. After that the installation, success message window displays.
  • Finally, enable the check box near the “Print Test Page” and click “Next”. Then click finish. A test page prints from the printer. To confirm the printer installation, go to start in computer then printer and devices. If you find HP LaserJet M234sdwe name, your printer is successfully installed in your windows computer.

Fixing paper pick-up issue - 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe

  1. First turn on the printer and turn off automatic paper pick up mode. In your computer click windows icon then “Devices and printers”.
  2. Then in the resultant page click your printer name. Right click on the printer and choose printing preference. Select “Source is” drop down and choose “Auto Select” option . And press ok button. Now the changes applied on the settings.
  3. Next in the error message click retry or try printing the original document. If your page prints error got resolved.
  4. If the error prevails check the paper condition. Remove all the paper from the paper tray. Keep aside crumbled and any cut papers.
  1. After that load unused fresh stack of paper inside the input tray with the help of paper width guides. Keep in mind not to press the paper too tightly it makes the paper bend inwards. Retry the print job no good results, follow the next step.
  2. Now clean the paper pickup rollers, the dirt may build up on the roller and cause the roller not to pick up the paper. Use cotton cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the roller. First switch off the printer to continue the cleaning process.
  3. Then open the cartridge access door and take out the carriage. Now inside that you can find a paper roller.
  4. Next press on its both sides to remove it from its slot. Now apply small amount of rubbing alcohol to cotton cloth and clean its surface. After finishing the cleaning reinsert the roller and restart the printer.

Refill HP LaserJet M234sdwe

  • Initially open the cartridge access door. And carefully remove the carriage from the printer. Next place it in an even surface. You need cotton to clean and screw driver to open the carriage. Now unscrew from the sides of the carriages. Once you unscrew the carriage divides into two parts.
  • Carefully place both the parts in a safe surface and cover the toner with a cover to prevent damage due to light exposure. Then take the toner powder part of carriage. And remove the magnetic roller and clean it with cotton. Take out the toner powder.
  • Then, open the bottle after shaking it well. Attach a cone in the powder bottle to prevent the powder from spilling. Then start to fill it in the toner powder opening. Take the magnetic roller there is a magnetic roller inside the plastic cylindrical case. Clean it with cotton and again place it inside the case and attach the roller back to the cartridge.
  • Again attach the gear to its side of the carriage. Combine the two parts of the carriage and place it inside its position. Lastly close the access door and print a test page to check the quality. For professional help call the HP customer service. Finally if you don’t feel satisfaction visit 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe or 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe for video examples and other trouble shooting ideas.

Tips to avoid HP printing issues - 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe

  • Skewed Prints : If the image on the print skewed and not aligned, improper paper loading is the reason. Now remove all the papers from the input tray and remove any folded and crushed paper.
  • Split Graphic Image : In the resultant page if your image divided and printed in two pages. The split graphic image caused due to memory problem. For that install more memory space in your 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe printer. Before cleaning the toner cartridges turn off the 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe printer and wait 5 minutes to make it cool since the toner is too hot. And it is light sensitive so cover it with a cover to prevent light damage.
  • Distorted Data : Caused due to the faulty controller of the printer. To confirm it print a configuration page. The other reason due to communication error between the printer and the computer. Firmly connect the cables to prevent data garble. Finally make sure the communication settings of the computer match with that of the 123.hp.com/ljM234sdwe printer.
Steps to troubleshoot USB connection issues - 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe
  1. First check is your USB cable is less than 3mt. If not use different cable.
  2. Second connect single USB from the computer. If you connect more than one computer can’t find your printer.
  3. And it is difficult to supply power for all the USB cables. So make sure only one USB cable emerge from the computer to the HP LaserJet M234sdwe printer.
  1. Don’t use USB hub or docking station. Connect USB directly to the printer.
  2. Firmly reconnect the USB cable and trying to connect to the different USB port in the computer.
  3. Lastly restart the computer and the HP LaserJet M234sdwe printer. Nothing works out, call your HP customer service or visit 123.hp.com/setup M234sdwe for further trouble shooting ideas.

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