123.hp.com/IT315 – Troubleshooting ideas with HP setup procedures.

123.hp.com/IT315 - Characteristics of HP Ink Tank 315

  1. The refillable ink tank printers are recent trend in the market. Initial installation cost may seem high but the printer saves you a lot in the long run of your printing years.
  2. HP Ink Tank 315 printer gives low cost per page printing. You can trust the spill-free ink system of this printer. The printer produces exceptional quality of prints that looks bold, crisp and darker. You can expect 1000 pages with ink tank system of this printer.
  3. Transparent ink tank of the printer lets you note the ink levels and print with no doubt. When you notice the low ink level you can always order from the HP Smart app. You can easily connect your smartphone to the printer for print and share anywhere. And performs office feature such as print, copy and scan.
  4. The printer supports connectivity such as USB and Wi-Fi. You can start printing with the printer after downloading the latest printer software from 123.hp.com/IT315 .

123.hp.com/IT315 - Start with unboxing

  1. Initially place your printer box in an even and spacious place. Then use the paper cutter to cut open the printer box. Straight into the box you can see start here guide, setup poster, user manual, instruction guides and software CD. If you lost your installation CD or want to upgrade the software to the latest version you can do it from 123.hp.com/IT315 or 123.hp.com/setup 315 .
  2. And there will be two print head black and color one. You can find a box inside the package which contains USB cable, power cord and ink bottles. Keep them aside and pull out your printer from the cardboard package. Next remove the Styrofoam caps around the printer.
  3. Then carefully tear open the protective cover around the printer. Now remove the blue tapes which in turn remove the cardboard protective packs inside the printer too. After that open the scanner bed to remove the plastic sheet and close the scanner bed.
  4. Once again check all the packing materials removed from the printer to prevent paper jam error in the future. Then untie the power cord of the printer. Plug in one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the wall outlet. Next In the printer control panel press the power button.

Filling the ink tank process

  1. Initially take the package containing ink bottles. And start filling the ink tank of the printer. Then use a cutter to take out the ink bottles out of the cover.
  2. Next ready the bottle before filling the ink tanks. For that open the bottles to remove a plastic cover to prevent ink from spilling and close the bottle again. Note down the ink capacity written in ml in all the bottle body. Next move on to the 123.hp.com/setup 315 printer ink tank open the lid and open the cap of the first tank.
  1. Open the black ink bottle and place it upside down you can see the flow of ink through the transparent tank. While the ink filling in the tank note down the mark in the tank.
  2. The ink can fill only up to the mark in the tank. After filling the ink tank remove the bottle close the caps of both the ink bottle and ink tank. Similarly repeat the process for cyan, magenta and yellow.

123.hp.com/IT315 - Steps to install the print heads

To install print heads take out them from the package. After taking them out pull out the orange plugs from the print heads.

Similarly remove the orange cover over the print heads. Don’t touch the print heads or the electrical contacts which may damage them severely and produces low quality prints.

Next open the printer exterior door. Then open the print head access door. And push down the blue color latch. After that insert the black print head in the right and tri-color print head in the left slot in the upward direction. Once inserted close the blue latch until it firmly snaps into it position.

Keep in mind not to open the blue cartridge door once it closed because the print head begins to initialize in the printer.

Then close the print head access door and next close the main exterior door. Note the display on closing the print head access door you can see the “p” symbol in the 123.hp.com/setup 315 printer control panel.

Steps to load paper and align the print heads

  • Extend the input tray of the printer. Then slide the paper width guide to its left. Next load the paper in the tray and adjust the paper width guide. Before loading the paper check if it contains same size and unused paper without rolled edges.
  • Then locate the paper output tray pull out and raise the tray extender. Next we will start to know about the print head alignment. The print head alignment is necessary for the printers print quality. To start this process press and hold the Resume button on the printer for few seconds.
  • Once the blinking P turns to A you can confirm that the printer alignment started. It takes few moments for the printer to print the alignment page. After getting the alignment page, you have to scan that page. You have to place the alignment page facing down on the scanner lid.
  • Follow the guidelines on the scanner bed to place the alignment page. Next in the printer control panel press the start copy color button. Now you can confirm the completion of alignment process by changing A to 0 in the printer control panel. Download the printer software and driver from 123.hp.com/IT315 or 123.hp.com/setup 315 to start the printing process.
123.hp.com/IT315 - Driver download manual
  • First turn on your printer, router and computer. Then place the printer within the range of the router. Next make sure the computer connected to the same network as that of the printer. Then make sure the printer is in default wireless setting.
  • To restore the printers default wireless settings, initially check if the power button the printer control panel is bright if not press the button to wake the printer from the sleep mode. After that your wireless LED light should be blinking.
  • If the light is not blinking press and hold the wireless and cancel button for few seconds. Immediately start the software download process since the printer stays in the default setting for approximately 120 minutes. Then remove any USB cable connected with the printer. And navigate to 123.hp.com/setup 315 in the computer browser. Next click download. 
  • Then run the HP Easy Start. In the following page choose your printer name from the list. If you don’t find your printer name click my printer is not shown button. And follow the troubleshooting steps to solve the issue.
  • Then accept any terms and conditions after reading the agreement. And in the connection type page choose wireless connection method. Follow the onscreen instruction.
  • If the installer prompts you to connect the USB cable for transferring the software settings then connect it. And after transferring the remove the cable. Finally the HP recommends you to download the full software package.
123.hp.com/IT315 - Common knowledge about ink tank printers

To refill the ink tanks open the ink tank cover. Next remove the cap. Then open the ink bottle and snap them into the appropriate slot. If the ink doesn’t flow try reinserting them. And don’t squeeze the bottle. After filling the ink tank close the ink tank and ink bottle. Secure the ink bottle in a dry and cool place.

While filling the ink keep in mind the ink level should not higher the maximum ink level marking in the ink tank. Similarly it should not lower than the minimum ink level making in the ink tank. Because ink level below the markings can cause poor function of the printer.  And also the ink level above the maximum ink level can cause ink spillage.

Then to prevent the print head from drying out always press the power button to turn off the printer. To prevent the ink evaporation from the print head remove the orange tab in the print head when you are ready to insert them in to the slot. Leaving them uncover for a long time can induce evaporation from the print head.

Next to set the printer to print with black ink, check you are using the updated software version from 123.hp.com/setup 315 . Then in the software click print. And press the Properties dialogue box. Next in the paper/quality tab choose black ink only in the list. After applying all the settings click ok.


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