What to do When HP Printer Won’t Connect to Wifi?

Go through the following to know about the issue with wireless connectivity issues and errors. While printing you may experience printing not done and your printer remain offline. Get the basic HP printer network troubleshooting.

Troubleshoot Network Connection - HP Wireless Printer Problems

  • Turn off your printer and router. After some time restart them.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest updated printer software. Run network connectivity test report to get solutions.
  • Install HP printer Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the issue. Check whether the IP address has changed recently.

How to Troubleshoot Wireless Printer - HP Wireless Printer Problems?

When you face Printer Network connection failed issue in your HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer, follow the below guidelines to solve the network connectivity issue.

  • First check that your internet and connectivity cables connected properly. And make sure the router printer power turned on.
  • Then print a network configuration page from the printer control panel and check if it having any error mentioned in it.
  • Keep in mind if the router frequency can also create connectivity issue. Check that your printer supports 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.
  • Next check the wireless network name (SSID) is correct. Make sure the network name is same as that for your printer.
  • The encryption method must be same for the printer (AES or TKIP) and the wireless access point (WPA Security).
  • Make sure the printer is within the range of wireless network. The printer must place within 30m from the router.
  • Then check there is no obstacles in between the router and printer.
  • Obstacle may be in the form of security cameras, cordless phone, wireless motors and Bluetooth devices.
  • Now check the printer driver and software installed properly.
  • If not uninstall and reinstall the updated and latest printer driver from HP official website to solve HP wireless printer problems.

Solve “Connection Error, Check Internet Connection” Issue

The main reason behind the error is that the error to create connection with internet and not able to turn on the printer web service. First thing you have to check is that your printer supports web services. Next thing is check the network and printer connection status. Remove the USB cable connected to the HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer. For mac, HP recommends you to use router with Bonjour settings.

Your HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer must not connected with any guest network. Most of the printer supports 2.4 GHz. So check whether the frequency supported for your printer. Then make sure your printer connected to the network. Try restarting the printer, router and computer. Then turn on the web service from the Embedded Web Server to solve HP wireless connection failed.

Printer Won’t Connect to Existing Network

If you do get this type of issue in HP printer then the error is with the printer network error. You can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issue with your HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer.

  • Initially check the wireless LED light turned on and it is steady. Then click the wireless button to turn on the wireless feature.
  • Remove all the Ethernet cables from the printer. Turn off the printer and router. Next turn on the router followed by HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer.
  • For wireless printer you can run the wireless network test. Then analyze the test report. 
  • If you do find any error try to solve HP wireless printer problems. If the report contains any message like signal is weak error, then move your printer close to your router and remove any things deviating the signal strength.
  • You can print the wireless network test from the HP OfficeJetPro 7740 printer control panel. Select network and choose print wireless test report option.

How to Resolve Printer Won’t Connect to Wifi and Network Problems?

The problem may arise due to incorrect IP address or due to IP address changed issue. This may also create the communication error with the printer and computer to solve HP wireless printer problems.

Unsuccessful Network Installation Error

To solve unsuccessful network installation error and HP printer network issue you can follow the steps to rectify.

  • Remove the USB cable and Ethernet cables. Restart computer, router and printer.
  • Uninstall the HP printer driver and software. Then repair the system files using Microsoft System File Checker.
  • You can also use Microsoft Fixit Solutions to fix installation issues. Download and run the application.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor application designed to troubleshoot HP printer wireless network connection failed issue.