Install printer app and load sticky photo paper

What is HP Sprocket printer –

  1. The printer uses Zero ink technology (ZINK). It is a technology which doesn’t need ink cartridges or toner.
  2. HP Sprocket printer is an instant and portable printer. The printer can produce Vaporwave photos with iOS and android applications.
  3. This photo printer let you print from anywhere you go. The printer comes with set up card, micro USB cable and HP ZNK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper.
  4. HP Sprocket printer is a two in one printer. That is it acts as both printer and camera. The printer is a pocket size printer.Lastly the printer meets all the requirements of the modern environment with the size, speed and portability features. - Features of HP Sprocket printer

  • The printer lets you print on the go. And also let you print the photo from social media and from the camera roll. You can also edit the photo before printing like adding borders, emoji, stickers, text and filters.
  • Simply you can start with printing after getting connected with printer through Bluetooth settings from your phone. Additionally the printer has rechargeable battery with micro USB cable.
  • Always charge your 123 HP Sprocket Printer more than 25% to avoid print quality issues. The photo printer produces color photo print. Download the HP Sprocket printer to start happy printing - Printing technology of HP Sprocket printer

The printer has rechargeable battery which you can recharge through the micro USB cable that came with the printer package. And the printer don’t use ink cartridges and toner but the ZINK technology. It is a technology which prints full color print in a single pass designed especially for the digital products. All happens with the sticky paper. Before printing the crystals in the paper are clear. On printing process, the printer heats up the crystals in the sticky paper to create color. Download the free print application of the sprocket printer from And turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile and start printing.

Learn to unbox and setup your printer

  • Initially open the pocket size printer box. Inside the box you can see the printer placed inside the cover and mounted over a plastic case. Remove all the covers and cases.
  • Inside the package you can find the printer setup manual along with HP Zink Sticky Backed Photo paper. Now take out the USB cable from the package.
  • And connect one end to the USB port of the printer and other end to the adaptor. You can confirm the full charge of the printer by the LED light color changing from red to green.
  • Usually it takes about 60 to 90 minutes to charge. After that open the sticky back Zink paper cover. 
  • On opening the packet you can see 10 sheets of photo paper and a calibration card or smart sheet which is unique to each printer.
  • Remember always load the smart sheet before loading the paper which clears the paper roll path and optimize the printer with calibration.
  • Next we are going to load the photo paper in the printer for that slide the top cover of the 123 HP Sprocket Printer and remove the top cover.
  • For detailed paper loading steps visit . Then press and hold the power button of the printer for few second to power on the printer.

Printing with HP Sprocket printer

  • Now it’s time to connect your printer to your mobile device. For that download the sprocket application from Then go to settings then Bluetooth and choose HP Sprocket. Once your printer and mobile connected through Bluetooth your Sprocket application open on its own.
  • After that sign in to your application and you can print any social media photos or photos from camera roll. Additionally you can take photos and edit it on the go and print it too. You can add effects to the photo such as adding filter, emoji, text, background and border too. After finishing all the editing click print.
  • In your sprocket application side bar you can check the printer status. You can always confirm the printer connection with the green dot and ready status from the side bar of the application. On your first printing the calibration sheet prints which calibrates and optimize the printer. Then following the calibration sheet the photo prints.
  • If you face any issues with printing try reconnecting the printer to the application and make sure the Bluetooth feature is on. On the other hand if you send more than one photo file printer may throw printer in use message.

Tips for HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo paper

  • Before starting the process turn off the HP Sprocket printer. Then remove the Top Cover. For that slide the top cover in the front away from the paper output slot. By doing this you can remove the top cover of the printer. Next open the HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo paper pack. It contains 10 sheets. Then load the photo paper in the paper input tray.
  •  While loading make sure the Smart sheet is on the bottom of the paper stack and the barcode, logos facing down inside the paper input tray. Then we have to close the top cover of the printer. Slide the cover in the printer to securely attach the lid into its slot. But keep in mind not to insert more than one package of ZINK paper in the printer.
  • By this we can prevent paper jam errors in the future. Always use fresh undamaged and clean paper to print quality issues. Do not pull out the paper while printing. The smart sheet goes inside the printer automatically before starting the print job. This smart sheet goes inside the printer calibrates and clean the printer.
  • You can remove the smart sheet after all the paper in the pack printed. The main purpose of this sheet is to clean the paper path rollers. If you face any paper jam issue while printing don’t pull the paper on your own rather try restarting the printer which automatically ejects the paper from the printer.

You can improve the print quality of

To get optimal print quality make sure the images have good resolution. And don’t use curled and bend paper for printing. If you spill any water on the photo paper make sure to wipe it away as soon as possible to prevent any poor quality photo. While printing you may get the sprocket is cooling down message. On receiving this message allow your printer to cool down for few moments. Your printer may get too warm while printing. Always load the smart sheet on loading paper while printing in the 123 HP Sprocket Printer to avoid out of paper message and to clean the paper rollers. - Common HP Sprocket printer solutions

On receiving paper cover open message the status indicator of the printer turns red and starts to blink. Check if sprocket printer top cover closed properly and firmly seated on its slot. After closing the cover properly press OK in the Sprocket application which in turn clears the error message.

While you use the sprocket app for printing purpose and suddenly the application stopped working you can resume printing by following the below steps.

  • Initially check if 123 HP Sprocket Printer has updated firmware. If it has a newer version update to the newer one. Then try turning on and turning off the mobile which may probably clear your printing issues.
  • Finally update the sprocket application from the play store. The older version also creates incompatibility with the printer.

Try troubleshooting the printer. Check if the Bluetooth connection is stable between the printer and the mobile device. Then move the printer near to the mobile device if in case your printer may be out of range from the Bluetooth signals. Next step is to check if the printer is fully charged or not. You can confirm it by looking for the LED lights on the printer. There are Green and White LED. The charge of the printer checked through the green LED light which displays the charge level of the printer. On the other hand the status LED will be in solid white when the printer is on. And turn to red then blinks when there is a problem with the 123 HP Sprocket Printer.

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