HP Smart App

The HP Smart app contains the tools to make print and scan of your documents, setup your HP Printer to wireless networks and Monitor ink levels. Installation of HP Smart App in Windows 10

You can make HP Smart print after you install the HP Smart app on your device

  • First, navigate from your Windows Store in your Windows10 device.
  • Then proceed with the On-screen instructions to download and install the app. Now open the app so that the search for installed Printers will start.
  • When your Printer shows, tap your Printer. Then if you set up the new Printer, then that will show with Setup below the name.
  • If your Printer not shows, then tap the Plus sign. Then proceed with the On-screen instructions to set up or join your new Printer.

HP Smart app - Print Documents and Images

  • Next tap a tile to print or scan a document from the HP Smart app home screen in your Printer.
  • Initially tap the Print Document or Print Photo from the home screen.
  • Next in the Documents folder, identify the photo or PDF.
  • Else go to another folder, where you can locate your folder.
  • After choosing the photo or document you wish to print and then tap Print.
  • This will show the show the preview of the print job in the Microsoft Print Preview window.
  • Now you can choose a different Printer or make changes in Print settings from the preview window as per your wish.
  • Next tap print from the preview window, so that the preview window closes and the Printer prints the document or photo.
  • Now tap done in the HP Smart app Print window. Then the app will come back to the home screen.

Scan Photos or Documents

  1. You can scan your photos or documents to Windows 10 device from your HP Printer and then you can share those scans.
  2. First tap the Scan tile on the home screen of the HP Smart app, so that the scan window opens.
  3. Next, you adjust the settings like page size and document type from the scan window. Then tap Scan, so that the scan preview will be shown.
  4. Now tap Edit from the preview screen. Then perform any changes using the editing tools like crop or rotate.
  5. Then to adjust the border, tap and hold a blue dot. So that a scan display that allows editing will be shown in the Edit window.
  6. After this tap Apply, once you finish the edits. Then the result window will display any change to the scan.
  7. Next, you can print, save or share the scan in the result windows. Then you might share or save the scan job and tap OK.
  8. Next, you can see the Printer status, go through your Printer information, Printer reports, see print job lists, make frequent monitoring of ink levels, see the wireless status and then you can go through HP Instant ink dashboard.

Extra Advantages of HP Smart App

You can see the extra features of the HP Smart app like Print everywhere, Help Center, resources and smart tasks on the home screen

  • Settings : You can customize your home screen and avail other information like privacy statements, feedback choices, gathering of data and so on.
  1. To print, send the scan task to your HP OfficeJet Printer.
  2. The Documents folder and the Pictures library are the default save location that contains the documents you have scanned.
  3. Then you may share the scan documents or images in an email through the social media.
  4. Next you can also the save or share the scan job. Then you can tap OK.
Steps to Use the HP Smart Print
  • First check that you connect your Printer and computer to the wireless network.
  • Next, tap the Printer Settings on the home screen .
  • Then tap Printer Home Page (EWS). Finally, tap the Web Services and check that you enable the Web Services.