123.hp.com/setup - Guidelines to eprint Setup

What is HP ePrint?

Use HP ePrint application to print from mobile or any network connected device through the HP printer. Having active network connection you can print from anywhere. HP ePrint is all about creating an email address for you printer and using that email address to send documents and photos to your printer. Before starting the process do printer software update from 123.hp.com/setup .

123.hp.com/setup - Getting Printer email address

  1. Initially for printer without touchscreen display you can use HP Smart app to connect your printer to the web and get the printer email address.
  2. Download the app in your mobile phone and connect your printer and mobile in the same wireless network.
  3. Then open the application and add your printer to the application by clicking the plus symbol in the application.
  4. Next go to the advanced settings in HP Smart App and tap web services. And enable the web service.
  5. And tap Print Info Page to print that page which contains the printer email address. In case of computer you have to open the Embedded Web Services (EWS) page.
  6. Initially print a network configuration page from your printer. Note down the IP address from the page.
  1. Go to your computer and open the browser enter the IP address. If your printer and computer connected on same network EWS page opens.
  2. Find the web services tab in the page and enable it. Under the web service settings click print info page where you can find the printer email address.
  3. Next for printer with touch screen display, in the printer control panel press the HP ePrint button.
  4. Then click setup and follow the onscreen prompts to turn on the web service on your printer. You can view the printer email address in the display note it down for sending the email for printing.
  5. If it is a Text-based display printer, on your printer control panel go to Web Services Setup.
  6. Then network setup and simply follow the onscreen instruction to turn on the web service on your printer. After that you can print the network info page to get your printer email address.

Printing with HP ePrint

  • Initially to print from HP ePrint in your computer open the email application. Then create a new email. In the “to” field enter your printers email address. And you can attach the document or photo that saved in your computer and tap send.
  • Incase if you are printing a web page copy the page and paste it in a word document. Then attach the document in the mail and send it to the printer email address. After that to print an email simply forward the email to the printers email address which can print the email.
  • Similarly for ePrint form mobile phone, open the document or photo you want to print. Then tap the share icon in the following pop up choose the email option. And once the email opens enter the printer mail address and click send.

Tips to use HP ePrint

  • With HP ePrint you can attach less than ten attachments. And you shouldn’t add another email address in the “to” field. The sending file shouldn’t exceed 10 MB. And the HP ePrint don’t support password protected and encrypted files. Keep in mind when you print the email the body of the email also prints.
  • Make adjustment regarding that before continuing the print process. HP ePrint can print text, PDF, HTML, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. And print photo files such as tagged image file format, .jpg or .jpeg, .png and graphic interchange format.
  • And main thing is that you can manage who can and cannot send email to your printer mail address. By this the printer security safeguarded.You have to add your printer to the HP connected account to get a printer email address in the network info page.
  • After that connect your printer, mobile and computer in a same wireless network or an Ethernet connection. Remove any USB connected to your printer which renders the ePrint function.
123.hp.com/setup - Troubleshoot HP ePrint

If you are having issues printing with HP ePrint, try restarting the printer. Then print a test page from the printer and check if the report contains any network issue. Then confirm if the web services on your printer turned on. Follow the steps to confirm it. In the printer display touch the HP ePrint icon.  Then touch settings option in the wireless settings. In the following screen check if the web service enabled from 123.hp.com/setup