HP Ojpro7740 Scan issue - Scanner Problem

HP Ojpro7740 Scan issue

If the Officejet Pro 7740 Printer does not detects the document that you placed in the feeder, then if your Printer scans the flatbed. Then this condition occurs when there is a HP Ojpro7740 Scan issue .


Solutions to Scanner Problem

To solve the HP Ojpro7740 Scan issue, you can use the various HP Ojpro 7740 Scan solutions.

HP Print and Scan Doctor tool

  • You can just run the automated troubleshooting tool in windows computer to fix this scanning problem.
  • For that, first make the download of the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Next proceed with the instructions for installation and then open that downloaded tool.
  • Next go through the instructions to choose your Printer, then install any needed software and then troubleshoot the scan issues.

Erase Driver and Root Level

  • If you are able to fix this scan issue even after you run automated tool, then you try fixing by erasing the driver and root level.
  • First navigate and open the Programs and features from the Windows. Then choose your HP Printer. Next choose Uninstall. Then navigate and open the Devices and Printers.
  • Now search your HP Printer in the Devices and printers windows.  After you see you Printer, make a right-click on your Printer’s name.
  • Then select Delete or Remove Device option. Next tap Windows key and R at the same time to open the run command.
  • Next enter printui.exe/s and tap OK. Then tap on the Drivers tab. Now see for the Printer driver, and then tap that driver. Next tap Remove downwards.
  • Then choose OK and then choose Apply and OK in the Print Server Properties windows. Finally you can close the Devices and Printers.
ADF Rollers and Separator Pad Cleaning
  • First collect the basic cleaning items like Lint-free cloth, distilled or filtered water.
  • Next raise open the ADF cover. Then dip the clean and lint-free cloth into the bottled water and squeeze the extra water in the cloth.
  • Now press the cloth on the rollers. Then move the cloth up and down, so that you scrub the roller with that cloth.
  • Next put little bit of pressure to clean the stagnant dirt. Then leave the rollers for 10-15 minutes, so that you permit the rollers to dry completely. Finally close the ADF on both the sides. After this, try to scan again.
Printer Reset

In few cases a scan error exists even if your Printer does not have the paper feed problem. To solve this problem, you can reset your Printer and make a print. In many cases, HP Ojpro7740 Scan issue can be solved using this Printer Reset method which is one of the HP Ojpro 7740 Scan solutions.

  • For this, first switch ON your Printer, if that was not ON previously. Then wait so that your Printer becomes idle.
  • After the Printer becomes is silent with the Printer in ON condition, remove the power cord from the back end of your Printer.
  • Now remove the power cord from the power supply. Then wait for one minute.
  • Now plug back the power cord into the power supply. Here make sure that you do not use the power supply extender to connect to the power supply.
  • Then connect back again the power cord to the back part of the Printer.
  • Now switch ON your Printer, if that does not switches ON automatically. Then wait till the Printer settles idle before you continue for next step.