HP 7740 Scan to Computer Setting

Manage Scan to Computer Enabling Not Possible

After the recent installation, if you are not able to scan from the Printer to the computer or not detects the computer on the network, then there you might not have done the HP Scan to computer setting. Then you might not be able to choose the computer selection if you view the fax, print and scan settings using the HP Printer Assistant.

  • First uninstall the driver software in your computer. Next download, then save again the FULL feature software.
  • For this login to official website from your computer. Then type your Printer model, and OS.
  • Then download and make the installation of the FULL feature software. Next install the FULL feature “Saved” software.
  • After you download and install the FULL feature software, then can make print and scan.

Steps to scan to your computer in Windows

  • First keep a document on the scanner such that the Print side facing downwards.
  • Then open Start. Now enter fax and scan into Start. Then tap Windows Fax and scan.
  • Next tap New Scan and check that your scanner is right. Then choose the type of document. At last, choose the document’s color.

Steps to Scan to Computer

  • After you install the software, tap the Printer icon that will show the HP Printer Assistant.
  • Next tap the “Manage Scan to computer” below the Scan menu below the Scan menu.
  • Now check that you choose Enable for Scanning in your Computer.
  • Then check the tab Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log on to Windows.

HP Office jet Pro 7740 Scan to Computer Windows

General Steps to Scan Document to a File in Windows

  • First feed the original into the document feeder. Else place the original document print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Next make a double click on your Printer name. Then if you use the Windows 8.1, then tap down arrow and choose Printer name.
  • Now if you use Windows, then from the right screen, make a right click. Then choose all apps and choose Printer’s name.
  • Next if you use Windows8, Windows Vistas and Windows XP, then tap start from your desktop. Then navigate to All programs, tap printer’s HP folder and choose Printer name icon.
  • Now tap scan a document in the Printer software. Then select the scan type and tap Scan.
  • Next select save as PDF to save documents as PDF file and select save as JPEG in order to save the document as Image file.

In Windows 8

  • First navigate to start screen and make a right click on the empty area.
  • Next you must tap or all apps on your application bar.
  • Then choose the Printer name. Finally tap on the Utilities.
In Windows 7, Windows Vistas and Windows XP
  • First navigate to start from your computer. Then choose All Programs and tap on HP.
  • Next choose the HP Officejet Pro 7740 Printer. Then choose manage scan for computer from your scan section. Finally tap ENABLE.
In Windows 8.1
  • First view the down arrow on the lower screen’s left side.
  • Now choose the Printer’s name. Then tap Utilities.

Officejet Pro Printer Scan to Computer Mac OS X

  • First in the application folder open your HP Scan. Then select the scan type profile you wish. Next proceed with the settings instructions shown in the screen.  Then change the scan settings like image type and scan resolution as per your need.
  • Next you can scan to the network folders and cloud drives. Then you must adjust images prior to scan and you can have the preview. Finally tap scan.