How to Resolve HP Network Connection Failed?

There are various reasons that your HP envy 4529 printer failed to connect with router or computer. Follow below steps to troubleshoot HP Network connection failed on phone, system, laptop, iPhone and mac system.

Basic Steps for Troubleshooting “HP Printer Network Connection Problems”

  • Initially check the printer and computer connected in same wireless network.
  • And check whether correct password entered to your security key.
  • Next check the position of the router. Move it near to the computer and printer.
  • Make sure no radioactive materials are interrupting the path between the router and the computer.
  • Finally connect all the wires in the printer and computer firmly to avoid any loose connection issue.

HP Printer Network Connection Error

Physical Connection Checking and Power Reset Process

You can reset the power to the printer which is a quick way to reset the printing system.

  • First plug out the power cord from the HP envy 4529 printer while it is still on. Wait for a minute reconnect the power cord.
  • Now check you have connected the network cable firmly and the cables are not damaged.
  • Turn off your computer, mobile or laptop then restart it again. Now try to print if you face the issue again you can go to second solution.

HP Printer Network Connection Problem

Checking Whether the Printer Connected to the Network or Not

Network problems can formed due to incorrect network settings, mismatching with printer settings, new software or driver downloaded, compatibility issue and using wrong links in the HP envy 4529 printer.

  • Initially check you have turned on the wifi, and check you have connected to the correct wireless SSID.
  • Next print a network configuration page. In the page check the printers IP address.
  • If it is using incorrect IP address you have to troubleshoot that issue to continue with the network connection.
  • Now enter the IP address in the web browser of the system. You can see the configuration page gets opened
  • If you see the Embedded Web Server page gets opened then your printer connected to network.
  • Next open the command prompt in your computer through start and enter RUN.
  • There type “ping” with your printer IP address. If you see the command returns with fail message.
  • Then your printer not connected with the network.

HP Printer Network Issue

HP Print and Scan Doctor

You can download HP print and scan doctor. It is a free tool used to diagnose and resolve printer connectivity issues. Once you download the application open and run the application which can automatically troubleshoot the HP printer network issues.

Choose the correct Connetion port

The issue can also arise due to the wrong communication port. This can also lead to the printer offline issue. In that case open devices and printers in the control panel. Now choose your printer, right click on the printer name to select Printer Properties. In that choose Ports tab. While choosing the port you have to make sure the port has IP address in its description. If you see the single port using multiple selections, prefer other port.

Reset the Configuration of your Printer Driver

Go the control panel in your computer. Select printers and driver option. Then right click on the printer icon. In the following drop down choose Remove Device option. Now choose “yes” and wait for the printer to be removed. Finally try to print. Still facing the issue, go to the next solution.

Uninstall and Reinstall your HP Printer Driver

In the system open Add or Remove Programs option. Then search for HP printer software. Once you find it uninstall the program. Then restart your computer. Now go to HP printer official site. 

Enter your printer model number name along with the series number. Then download the latest and updated HP envy 4529 printer driver package.

Connect with Other Devices

Finally trying all the available solutions, still facing the issue? Try finding which is causing the issue. Is the printer or the computer? For that use any other system to connect it to the printer. If it is successfully connected, then the issue is with your printer. Give your printer for the service.

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