How to Solve HP Scanner Not Working Issue on Envy 5534 Printer?

You may face error and issues while scanning on HP Envy 5534 printer. Like scanner wont scan, scanner not detected and scanner error pop ups. For this HP scanner not working issue , you have to identify the error source to solve the issue. Follow the basic steps to troubleshoot scanner issue.

  • Initially check the internet connection of the HP Envy 5534 printer.
  • Then uninstall the existing HP Envy 5534 printer driver .
  • And download the latest and updated HP Envy 5534 printer driver and software.
  • Finally, update the printer firmware. Finally run the System File checker.

How to Fix HP Scanner Not Working Issue on Envy 5534 Printer?

In this section we will follow the general scanner troubleshooting ideas. First verify all the cables with the printer. Make sure the cables are connected firmly and good condition without any damages. Next thing is checking the power connection. Finally, check whether your printer is getting enough power.

In case of power fluctuations too the scanner wont print. If any of the other device connects parallel with your printer it may also create the issues. Then end all the task that runs in the background of your device. Sometimes the antivirus program that run in the background can also create the issue.

Some of the Common HP Printer Scanner Problems

  • No computer detected
  • Computer not found
  • Scanner not found
  • Scanner unreachable
  • Scanner couldn’t initialized
  • Scan unsuccessful
  • Scan to computer no longer activated
  • Scan to computer unavailable
  • Error occurred when communicating with scan device.
  • Error occurred communicating with HP imaging device.

How to Fix Scan Errors and Issues on HP Envy 5534?

  • Initially you can download HP print and scan doctor to troubleshoot and solve HP scanner not working issue. This is free tool for windows from HP. Initially turn on HP Envy 5534 printer. Initially navigate to HP official website, scroll down and choose HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • And click Download button. If your printer is currently offline turn it on and connect with the active network connection. Download the latest version of HP print and scan doctor file. Now the file got extracted in your system.
  • Then, accept any terms and conditions. In choose your product screen select your printer name by clicking the start button. Then in the next screen all the printers and scanners connected to the computer through wired or wireless network got listed.
  • If you don’t see the printer name click my product not shown button and follow the simple troubleshooting steps. Next finding and fixing problem page displays. In that choose fix scanning button to solve HP scanner not working issue.
  • Once you click the button the software goes through steps to identify and troubleshoot the issue. You can follow the simple guidelines to detect the HP Envy 5534 not scanning issue with your printer, solve the issue and resume scanning.

Solved: Cant Scan from Mac OS Sierra on HP Printer

  • First uninstall the old print drivers from your system. Then Run the Apple Software Update.
  • Now remove HP Easy Scan from your system. After that restart your printer, router and computer.
  • Now click the Apple menu icon and choose System Preferences option. Then choose Print and scan or print and fax option
  • In the following window right click on the screen and choose Reset Printing System option.
  • After that restart your computer and go to system preferences.
  • Now click the Add button and find the name of the printer from the list.
  • Finally select Print Using and choose the name of your printer to solve HP scanner not working issue.

Solved: Scan Not Working Over Network from HP Envy 5534

To solve HP scanner not working issue, enable the scan to computer operation. For that in the windows search for printer model number and select the printer name from the list. Now click Scanner Actions and click manage Scan to compute option. Then click enable to activate the scan to computer to action.

How to Solve Printer Wont Scan and Says Download Software ?

When you face this type of error you have to uninstall and reinstall the latest and updated printer driver from HP official website.

  • In computer windows open programs and features option. Then select your HP printer from the list.
  • Now select uninstall and search for Devices and Printers option. Then right click on the printer and choose Delete or Remove Device.
  • After that Run command by pressing win key and R key. Next click the Drivers tab and look for HP printer driver.
  • Now click the Remove button at the bottom.
  • After that select OK. Now select Apply and OK from the printer server properties.
  • Then close Devices and Properties .
  • Finally restart your computer and printer to solve HP scanner not working issue.
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