How to Scan on HP envyphoto 6255 - HP envyphoto 6255 manual?

HP Envy Photo 6255 lets you scan documents and photo. HP envyphoto 6255 manual helps you send those scanned documents to computer and email. You can scan using different methods. They are

  • Scan from printer control panel.
  • Scan from HP printer software.
  • Scan from HP Smart app.
  • Scan from Web scan.

Scan from Printer Control Panel – Scan to Computer

HP envyphoto 6255 manual – Initially turn on your HP Envy Photo 6255 printer. Then load the document to be printed in the printer. After that place the print side of the document facing the scanner glass on the printer. Make sure you are having HP envy photo 6255 scanning software. Then click Scan in the printer control panel. Next click your computer name that you want to scan to. After that select the scan type you want to do. Finally click ok.

Scan from HP Printer Software – Scan to email

Before starting the scan to email feature, make sure you are using the updated and latest version of HP Envy Photo 6255 printer software in your system. First load the document to scan on the printer. With the print side facing the scan glass. Next open the HP printer software and choose Scan a document or photo option. Next choose the type of scan and click scan option. Finally select Email as PDF or Email as JPEG option. Now you can see the email get opened. Simply attach the scanned file as the attachment in the email.

Scan from HP Smart Application – Scan from Android or iOS Mobile

You can use HP Smart app to scan documents and photos from the HP Envy Photo 6255 scanner and also from the mobile scanner. It lets you print and scan files in cloud and local storage. You can share them through email, SMS, Facebook and Instagram. To know more read below. Initially download the HP Smart app. Then, open the application. Then press the plus symbol. And add your printer name. Next click the scan option you want from the HP smart application. Then, you can scan from the scanner of the printer or from your mobile front camera too. You can save, share and print the scan document.

Scan from Web Scan – Scan using Embedded Web Server

The web scan lets you scan your photos and documents from HP Envy Photo 6255 to computer. The main advantage is this feature is available even if you don’t install the printer software. Initially enable the web scan feature. You have to open the embedded web server and click settings option. Then in the security section choose Administrator settings.

After that choose Web scan from EWS, to activate the feature. And click apply. HP envyphoto 6255 manual – Now load the original print side facing the scanner glass of the HP Envy Photo 6255 printer. Then open the embedded web server. And click the scan tab and choose Web scan option in the left pan. Finally click Start scan option..

How to Scan a Document from the Phone Camera in HP Envy Photo 6255?

HP envyphoto 6255 manual to use HP Smart app. To scan the printed document and photo using mobile camera. Once you finish download the HP smart app open the application. Then choose scan and select the camera. Now place the document to scan in front of the mobile camera. Then, you can adjust settings before clicking the apply icon. Then choose the file type you want to save. Finally click save and share icon.