How to Connect HP Envy 6255 on Wireless Network?

Before starting the wireless setup of your HP envy6255 wireless setup , make sure your wifi is working properly. Next your printer and computer must connect on the same wireless network. For the setup you need the network name and the network password. Your wireless network may have the WPA passphrase or WPA key. Find the wireless network password from the router backside if you don’t know that yet.


HP envy6255 wireless setup – Connecting Printer to Wifi

To enable your HP installer to find your printer during the HP Envy photo 6255 printer setup process, connect your printer to the wireless network using Wireless Setup Wizard. Turn on your printer and go to the printer control panel. Then click the setup icon. Next choose Wireless setup wizard option. Then choose the name of the wireless network and click ok. If the list don’t have your network name click “Enter new network name” and enter the network name. Next enter the WEP/ WPA key and click “Done”. Finally click ok.

HP envy6255 Wireless Setup – On windows

First turn on your computer and make sure your computer connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Next choose your printer model number and click “begin” and choose download option. Once the file downloaded, double click on the file to open and extract it. Then follow the instructions prompted on the installer to go with the HP Envy photo 6255 driver installation process.

HP envy6255 Wireless Setup – On mac

Initially turn on your HP Envy photo 6255 printer. Then remove any USB cable connected. You can connect the USB cable when the installer prompts you to do so. Then navigate to HP official website and enter your printer model name along with the series number. Then click download. Double click the downloaded file. The HP Easy Start gets opened. You can simply follow the online instruction to finish the HP envy 6255 wireless mac setup.

HP Envy 6255 Wifi Connectivity

Once you finish HP envy6255 wireless setup, you can test the network connection by printing the test page. You can find the printer status, hardware address and IP address information. The test report displays the details on the network. To print the test report, press the wireless icon. And click the settings. In the following screen choose Print Reports option. Finally choose Wireless Test Report. To turn on and off the Wifi connectivity of HP Envy 6255 you can press the wireless icon. Then choose settings icon. Next touch the wireless toggle button to turn on or off the wireless capability. You can confirm the wireless connectivity by the steady blue wireless light on the printer.