How to Resolve HP Deskjet 3634 Printer Network Connection Failed Issue?

When you face HP Deskjet 3634 printer network issue you can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issue. The Printer Network connection failed can listed as follows:

  • Printer not responding IP address of network port is changed or reset.
  • The printer sharing feature disabled.
  • Unable to find the printer over the network.
  • Printer icon status greyed and offline.

Quick Troubleshooting Steps - Printer Network Connection Failed

Follow this basic and quick step to troubleshoot the network connection issue, when you got HP Deskjet 3634 printer network connection error message.

  • Initially restart your printer, computer and router.
  • Disconnect and reconnect all your devices.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your HP printer driver and software.
  • Install HP printer Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot connection issue.
  • Print wireless test report to analyze the network connection issue.
Solve Printer Network Connection Failed
Check the Computer Connection with the Network

Initially you have to make sure your computer has connected to the network. For checking you can download HP Print and Scan Doctor. Simply download the application and run the application. The app can detect and troubleshoot the issue. In mac system you can check the network connection by clicking the wifi icon in the menu bar.

Check the Printer Connection with the Network

First you have to print a wireless network test report. You can print the manual from the printer control panel. Next analyze the test report for the following.

  • Is the connectivity area indicated as “pass”? If not you have to check the router configuration. Make sure you have connected your printer to the wireless network.(click here)
  • You can see the top of the report to see whether there is any connectivity issue. If there is any you can follow the steps to correct the problem.
  • Make sure the current configuration area has the network name that is SSID which must match with your network name.
  • If your printer not connected with the network, reconnect it with the printer. You can follow different methods to finish the connection setup.
How to Resolve Printer Network Connection Failed Error When My IP Address Changed?

You can use IP address Utility. Initially launch the printer software and select utilities from the top of the printer software screen. Then choose Update IP address. You have to compare the previous IP address with the one in the Wireless Network Test Report. Now click “Search” to find and click “save” to update the software. You can also use Static IP address. If you use this type you have to run the HP utility again and have to update the IP address. If the update program is not available in your system you can download and install HP print and scan doctor application. You have to run the application to troubleshoot the issue.

HP Printer Cannot Connect to Wifi – Mac

To resolve HP printer network connection issue you can remove and read your HP Deskjet 3634 printer. Go to your computer and choose system preference. Then click the minus sign to delete the printer and click the plus sign to add the printer again. You can also set the static IP address that won’t change.

Troubleshoot Network Connection Issue
  • Initially perform a power reset and check the network connections. Restart the computer, laptop and router. Make sure the cables are connected properly.
  • Then check whether the printer connected to the internet connection or not. If the IP address is not assigned it means the printer is not configured properly.
  • You have to set an IP address. You have to enter the IP address you have noted on the printer network test report.
  • Then enter the same on the Google. If the embedded web server page opens then your printer has connected to the wireless network.
  • You can test the communication between the printer and computer by send a ping from the printer control panel.
  • Use HP Print and Scan doctor to troubleshoot the network connection issue. Make sure the printer wifi settings are not changed recently.
  • You can uninstall the printer driver and reset the default print driver. Make sure the printer offline status is disabled.
  • Then check you have selected and saved the correct port for your HP printer. Reset the driver configuration in the windows.
  • You have to remove the HP Deskjet 3634 printer driver and software. Then reinstall the printer driver and software from the HP printer official site.
  • Finally connect your printer to the different computer to check whether your computer is working fine or not.