How to Reset HP Envy 5539 Password and Factory Settings?

You can find the password on the router when you subscribe to an internet service provider(ISP). The ISP provides you with a network password. The password can be in the name of WEP Key, WPA2 password, security password and wireless key.

Steps to Find the Wireless Password WEP, WPA, WPA2 in Windows

  • Initially right click the wireless network icon.
  • Next choose Open network and sharing center in window system. Now right click on the wireless network name and choose Status.
  • After that choose wireless properties.
  • Now choose security tab and select show characters. If the password box is empty contact the ISP for assistance.

Steps to Find the Wireless Password WEP, WPA, WPA2 in Mac

  • To find the HP Envy 5539 password on mac OS, press and hold the command and shift keys.
  • Next press the U key to open Utilities and double click Key Chain Access. After that open Finder and click Go and Utilities.
  • Now open the spotlight and enter few letters of keychain. Next open launch pad and double click keychain access.
  • After that in the key chain list choose Local Items. Next in the category list choose password.
  • Then double click the wireless network name and choose show password option. You have to enter the admin password to proceed with.

What to do when Phone can’t obtain the IP Address of Envy 5539 Wifi Direct?

  • First go to home screen of your printer click wireless and choose settings option.
  • Now click Restore Network Setting option and follow the guidelines.
  • After that to verify the network settings print a network configuration page.
  • And make sure your network settings has been reset.
  • Next from the printer control panel click Wifi Direct icon.
  • Then click Settings and touch the toggle button next to Wifi Direct to turn it on.

How to Reset Password of Envy 5539 Wifi Direct - HP Envy 5539 Password?

The wireless password is the one you have assigned to the network. You have to enter the password to adjust the settings of the printer. Open the Embedded web Server go to settings, security and then password settings to set HP Envy 5539 password . But if you have no idea about this settings, don’t touch anything. Because if you forget the password your printer can get locked.

What to do when HP Envy 5539 Wont Connect to Wireless Network ?

Initially if you are connecting your printer directly, then the default password is 12345678 for HP Envy 5539 password . You can follow the below steps to connect your printer to wireless network.

  • Wake your printer from the sleep mode. Then navigate to your printer control panel.
  • Click the wireless icon. Next choose the settings icon. Now select the wireless setup wizard.
  • Simply follow the online instruction to finish the setup process. Still facing the error try Restoring the printer network settings.
  • And connect the printer to the network using wireless setup wizard. In the printer control panel click setup. Next choose network setup and select Restore Network Default Settings from the list.

How to Reset Factory Settings and HP Envy 5539 Printer Password?

With your printer still turned on remove the power cord from the wall outlet to reset HP Envy 5539 password . Remove the USB cable from the printer. Then wait for 2 to 3 minutes for the printer go idle. Next press and hold the power button on your HP wireless printer. Now then turn on the printer and wait for the printer to warm up. Next you have to finish the software setup within 5539 minutes. You can complete the setup using HP Auto Wireless connect feature.

How to Wireless Printer to Network using HP Envy 5539 Password?

  • For connecting wireless computer to a network, choose wireless network and enter the password.
  • Next click the wireless network tray icon. You can get the list of available wireless network name.
  • Now choose the network name you want to connect and click connect. Next in Enter the network security Key enter the password. You can wait for the connection to establish with the network.

How to Find WPA2 Key on Mac - HP Envy 5539 Password?

To add new computer or device to the network, you need WPA2 key. You can find the network on the list and display the configuration settings.

  • Initially click the Apple icon in the upper corner and choose System preference.
  • Then under network and internet heading, click the Network icon.
  • After that choose AirPort and click Advanced button.
  • Now open the configuration settings by double clicking the router name.
  • Which displays your WPA2 key and click show password to find your HP Envy 5539 password .