How to Fix Paper Jam Issue in HP Envy 5537 Printer?

You can Fix paper jam issue in HP Envy 5537 printer by cleaning jammed paper from the tray, underneath printer, front of the printer and the ink cartridge access area.

Why Does My HP Envy 5537 Printer Keep Saying Paper Jam Error?

There are lot of reason which can cause the paper jam error in your HP Envy 5537 printer. And the reason may found below to Fix paper jam issue ,

  • The paper may inserted incorrectly in the printer.
  • The sheets can stuck together or folded or frayed paper. Keep in mind the wrong paper type can also cause the issue.
  • Besides damaged roller can also create paper jam.
  • And if you use low quality paper it will leave behind paper dust which can damage the paper roller.
  • Using low quality cartridges other than HP genuine ink cartridge can also create paper jam.
  • Additionally if you are having any power or electricity fluctuation with your printer.
  • This may also create paper jam in HP Envy 5537.
  • For that open all the doors that lead to paper rollers.
  • Carefully check for any spare or damaged paper inside and restart.

How to Remove Paper Jam Error from HP Envy 5537?

  • Initially turn off your HP Envy 5537 printer to Fix paper jam issue.
  • Next open all the possible doors start by removing from the output tray to input tray.
  • Then carefully remove all the jammed paper sheets and scraps.
  • If you feel like some parts have broken inside. It’s time for you to call the printer service.
  • Then close all the doors after checking for the possible paper jam.
  • Finally turn on the printer and see if your jam has gone.

What are the Causes and Solutions of Paper Jam in Envy 5537?

  • First load the paper correctly inside the HP envy 5537 printer.
  • Always keep in mind the input tray capacity.
  • Adjust the paper width guide before and after loading the paper input tray.
  • Don’t mix paper types. Use only one type of paper in the input tray of envy 5537.
  • Use high quality paper type in the printer to avoid paper dust.
  • You can run regular cleaning cycles in the printer to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Avoid Paper Jam Error from HP Envy 5537?

  • Use the paper type that are allowed in your printer to Fix paper jam issue.
  • Before you start to print check the paper setting with the paper you have loaded in your printer.
  • When you load the paper inside the printer, always follow the guidelines.
  • Don’t load the input tray more than the paper level marked on its tray.

Solved: Paper Jam Error from HP Envy 5537 Even Though there is No Paper

Sometimes the printer might report false messages too which indirectly means an error. So you have to look for all possible error causing agents. In that case reach the inside of the printer and manually move the carriage. Make sure it is not stuck anywhere between. Then remove any loose paper or obstacles if anything presents. Next take the paper feed rollers and clean it with clean soft lint free cloth. Then try printing. This would possibly solve your no paper but paper jam issue.

Solved: Carriage Not Moving with False Paper Jam Error in HP Envy 5537

Follow the below steps to Fix paper jam issue in HP Envy 5537. We will start with resetting the printer and printing a Printer Status Report.

  • First turn on your HP printer.
  • Then wait for the printer to remain silent.
  • After that remove all the power cord with the printer still turned on.
  • Now remove the power cord and wait for a minute.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the printer and the power outlet.

Next try printing a print status report to make sure everything work normal with hardware settings of HP envy 5537 printer.

  • Initially load plain unused white paper in the printer input tray.
  • Then on the control panel navigate to setup.
  • In the following page choose Reports.
  • Click Printer Status Report.
  • Analyze the report to Fix paper jam issue.