How to Get Password for HP Envy4500 Printer Wireless Network?

Steps to Find Wifi Password for HP Envy 4500 Printer - HP Printer Password Default

You can retrieve the wireless password of the computer connected to the wireless network. To setup the HP Envy 4500 printer on the wireless network you will need the wireless password. And unfortunately if you forget your wireless password you can find it by following these steps. Initially turn on your computer and printer. And in the computer go to start and search “View Network Connections”

 Then choose the option. In the following page right click on the wireless adapter with your network name. In the popup choose status option. Next in the wifi status window click “wireless properties” option. Then choose “Security” tab. And click enable show characters checkbox. Now you know the wireless network password. Use this to connect to your HP Envy 4500 printer to wireless network.


Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to Retrieve Wireless Password

To retrieve the wireless network password is helpful if your computer is already connected on a wireless network. Follow the below steps to ensure and find your wireless password.

  • Initially make sure your HP Envy 4500 printer connected to the wireless network. The network you need to find the wireless password. Now download the HP print and scan doctor. Then navigate to the print and scan doctor files.
  • Run the .exe file from the download folder. Give access to run the file. Now your file gets extracted and installed in your computer. Accept terms and conditions if this is your first time running this application.
  • In the next page click the networks tab. In the drop down choose “Show Advanced Info”. Then in the Advanced Info page choose “Show wireless Info” button.
  • Next in the wireless info page, under wireless settings section you can find the computer connected to the wireless network details. You can find the network or network password under the network key heading. So you have found the wireless network password.

What To Do When HP Envy 4500 "Invalid Wireless Password" Every Time WPA Key is Entered - HP Printer Password Default?

First thing you have to check when you get this type of errors are making sure the passphrase is entered correctly. You have to enter the phrase correctly with all the special characters and spaces. Next thing you have to check is that whether your firmware is updated or not. Follow the below steps to update your firmware.

  • Initially turn off and disconnect all the devices from wifi network.
  • You can temporarily change the wireless network security to open or No Security.
  • Now you don’t need to enter the password since the connection is open.
  • After that update the printer firmware from the printer control panel.
  • Next search for printer update in ePrint or web services.
  • Once the update is finished you can set back the original settings.