How to Download HP Smart App for HP Envy 4521 Printer?

HP smart app is an application prepared specially for HP Envy 4521 printers. HP smart application helps you print from your work desk to your home printer.

What Does HP Smart App Do For Envy 4521?

HP Smart App can scan, print, manage and share HP printer that is from mobile phone and other devices. Once you setup your Smart App you can print, scan and access the printer information.

  • You can know the ink cartridges details with the application. By clicking the buy now button you can order a ink cartridge.
  • Additionally you can access advance tools like checking network status, configuring network status and setting the printer to energy saving mode. With Smart app you can access your HP instant ink dashboard of HP Envy 4521 printer.
  • Besides can check printer information such as name, number, status and firmware version.
  • Aligning the ink cartridge and cleaning the print head can be done by clicking the print quality tools. You can click the printer information button to know about the printer settings, reports, tools and information.
  • Then you can turn on web services, check for updates and also can use print quality tools. Next update the printer settings such as paper tray, auto off and quiet mode.
  • Finally the it is used to print Network Configuration page, printer status report and print quality diagnostic report

HP Smart App for Windows in Envy 4521

Initially download the application from the windows store and follow the instruction to install the application. You can click the plus symbol to add your printer. Once the application gets opened you can find lot of tiles. Like scan, print photo and print document. From windows you can print PD and photo. Similarly you can scan photos and documents from Smart App for windows in HP Envy 4521 printer. Also check all your printer preferences and settings using this application.

Steps to Print Photo and Document from Windows

  • In the application click the Print document or Print photo option.
  • Next locate the document or photo that you want to print.
  • After that click print. In the preview do all the changes and settings you need. Then click Print option. Next click Done.

HP Smart App for Mac – Envy 4521

The download steps for  Smart App in macOS 10.11 and 10.12 varies for HP Envy 4521 printer. Install the app from play store. Then add your printer to the network. If you don’t find your printer name in the list then click Printer not listed button and follow the instruction.

Steps to Setup HP Smart App in Mac

  • First open the Smart app then click printers and choose Set up a new printer option.
  • Then follow the onscreen instruction to finish the mac setup of Smart app. After that you can print photo and document. Next you can scan photo or document from HP Envy 4521 printer.

How to Print with Smart App in Envy 4521?

With Smart App you can print photos and documents. Printing can done from android and I phone. Also from Face book, Instagram, Drop Box and Google Drive.

  • Initially open the photo or document from your mobile phone or cloud storage.
  • Then preview the photo or document that you want to print. Now click print to print the documents and photos.
How to Scan with HP Smart App in Envy 4521?

For using scan from Smart App you need a mobile phone camera of at least 5 mega pixel and auto focus capability. Initially you have to scan and save the document or photo in your mobile device or cloud storage.

  • First open the photo or document you want to print. Next open the  smart app in your mobile.
  • Then take a picture from your mobile and allow it to do the changes. Preview the image and tap scan. Once it completes click send and print.
Can I Resize the Photo and Image on HP Smart App in Envy 4521?

Yes in the preview screen you can adjust the size of your photo. Also other photo editing too. You have to follow the instructions. To send the application follow the basic instructions listed.

What to do When HP Smart App Show Unknown Printer Icon?

First download and install HP Print and Scan doctor to troubleshoot the issue. Start the application and select your printer. Update your printer if it has any of them. Then make your printer as a default one. Now assign manual IP address or static IP address.

How to Resolve when HP Smart App Fails with Envy 4521?
  • In the home screen press the wireless icon and click settings icon.
  • Now click wireless setup wizard and choose your network name. If you don’t find your printer name in the list, then click Enter New Network name button.
  • Then follow the online instructions to finish the setup process. If prompted you have to enter the WPA or WPA2 Password. And if you face any issues, you can print wireless Network test report to solve the issue.
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