How to Download and Install HP Deskjet 3631 using USB Setup?

To download and install HP printer from HP official website, follow the below guidelines.


What To Do When HP Deskjet 3631 Can’t Detect USB Connection?

Basic steps to check when you HP printer don’t detect the USB connection.

  • Did you make any changes in your computer and router?
  • Can you make copy from your HP printer?
  • Try checking the connection using different USB cable.
  • Check the device manager to see if your device is getting detected.
  • Go to the windows start button and enter device manager. Then choose it.In the list search for Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Then click the plus symbol to enlarge the list.
  • If you see any icons with yellow warning symbol, uninstall the existing printer driver from the root level.
  • Finally install the HP printer driver from the HP official website to troubleshoot HP Deskjet 3631 USB Setup.

Why HP Deskjet 3631 Installed But Can’t Print From Laptop?

HP Deskjet 3631 installed in your computer but couldn’t start printing process then follow the easy and quick steps to solve your issues on HP Deskjet 3631 USB Setup.

  • Initially turn on the computer and open Run from the start. You have to clear all the Temp files which can possibly deleted.
  • Then properly uninstall all the printer software installed in your computer. For that disconnect any USB cable connected to the printer.
  • Next search for programs and features in the windows. Then in the list of installed programs choose your HP printer name.
  • And click Uninstall. You have to click yes in the User Account Control. Simply follow the online instruction to finish the software uninstall process. Once the uninstall is complete you can Restart your computer and printer. Then reset the Registry settings.

Steps to Reset the Registry Settings - HP Deskjet 3631 USB Setup

  • First press and hold the win key and R key from the computer key board.
  • Next in the Open box you have to enter msiexec /unregister and click ok.
  • Be clear that you shouldn’t give space in between c and /.
  • After that press and hold win and R key to open the RUN in your system.
  • Next in the Open box enter msiexec / regserver and click ok.
  • You have run Disk cleanup from Accessories and system tool.
  • For that try download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player.
  • Now Restart your computer and HP printer.
  • Then install HP Printer Install Wizard for Window.
  • Finally try removing drivers from the server properties of printer.

How to Convert HP DJ 3631 USB to Wireless Connection?

To convert HP Deskjet 3631 USB Setup to wireless setting you will need the network name, an active wireless network, the wireless password and a computer connected on the same network as that of the printer.

  • In the windows click the start button. Then enter the printer name in the search and click enter. The HP printer assistant get opened. In that choose utilities and tool tab.
  • Then choose Device setup and software option. You have to allow the app to do changes in your system. The device setup and software page get opened.
  • In that choose convert a USB connected device to wireless option and in the next window choose Yes, access the computer or router option.
  • If the detected network details are correct click yes then next. If not enter the correct details manually and click next. Now disconnect the USB cable from the printer and the computer. This will remove all the temp files from your computer.

How to Connect HP Printer Through C Type USB Port?

The type C cable is only connector type. And the USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 are different from the C type cable. If you are having a cable connect it to the printer, it would work fine. In case if you really want to use the c cable it should work for transferring windows device drivers and printer drivers for HP Deskjet 3631 USB Setup.

How to Connect HP Printer Without USB Cable - Deskjet 3631 USB Setup?

You can utilize HP Auto Wireless method to connect the HP printer to network without using the USB cable. A USB cable required only when your printer don’t support wireless connectivity.

To Restore the Printer Settings
  • Initially click the wifi button on your HP printer.
  • Then choose Restore Network Settings option and confirm the prompt.
  • After that click the settings icon and choose Tools.
  • Next Restore Defaults and confirm any prompts given.
  • Then turn your HP printer and turn it on again.
  • Finally open the HP software and simply follow the steps to connect your HP printer in wireless network.
How to Solve HP printer USB Port Issue?

The HP printer gets detected but not prints. And indicating an error called USB 2.0 plugged into USB 3.0. Then follow the below guidelines for Deskjet 3631 USB Setup.

Quick HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps
  • Update all computer driver available.
  • Keep your HP printer firmware updated.
  • Scan the computer for all possible errors.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the USB drivers.
  • Then Uninstall and Reinstall the HP printer drivers. Finally Reinstall the printer software.
Follow the steps but your problem of HP printer being not detected and HP printer has USB port issue.
  • Initially turn on your computer, router and printer. Navigate to your computer. Then click Start button on your computer.
  • Next choose the control panel. After that select Printer and faxes option. Then click Add a Local printer option.
  • Initially “Use an Existing port” option is selected. You have to select Virtual USB port option and click Next.
  • Finally click Next and complete the wizard. If you are still facing the issue you can download HP print and Scan Doctor.
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