How To Connect Printer With Computer Through USB Setup?

HP Envy 4521 USB Setup on Windows

  • Initially turn on your printer to start HP Envy 4521 USB setup .
  • Get a USB cable not more than 3m.
  • Don’t use USB hub or docking station.
  • Directly connect your USB cable to the computer.
  • Disconnect the USB cable connected to the printer.
  • In the windows search for Devices and choose Device and printers option.
  • Now right click on the printer icon and click Remove Device.
  • You have to remove all other existing printers other than the one you are adding.

Driver Installation on HP Envy 4521

  • First navigate to HP official printer site and enter your printer model to download the driver.
  • You can see the HP Easy Start get downloaded in your system.
  • You can open the driver downloaded and follow the online instruction to finish the setup.
  • If your driver failed to get installed go to HP official website.
  • Then enter the printer model and verify the Operating system.
  • In lets identify your printer to get started page, click printer.
  • Enter your printer model and click submit.
  • In the following screen check the operating system.
  • If you want to change click change and select your version.
  • And in the driver heading, click download in the full software package.
  • In the printer connection option choose USB and continue the steps to finish Envy 4521 USB setup.

HP Envy 4521 USB Setup on Mac

You have to turn on your printer and make it in ready state to continue Envy 4521 USB setup . Then get a USB cable less than 3 m. To get enough power directly connect your printer to the USB port and don’t use hub or docking station. Disconnect any USB cable connected to the printer. You have to connect the cable when prompted by the installer to do so.

  • Navigate to HP official website. You have to enter the printer model and click enter.
  • You can get the HP Easy Start get downloaded.
  • So follow the online instruction to finish the setup process.First go to HP official site and enter your printer model.
  • Next page confirm the Operating System version.
  • After that click Download in the Driver Product Installation Software.
  • Next follow the instruction of HP Easy start or the .dmg file in the download folder.
  • In the connection screen of installer choose USB type.
  • Next on the install screen, make sure HP Easy Scan selected.
  • Click the Print Using menu to add your printer name to the queue.

Couldn’t Install HP Envy 4521 on Windows XP

Initially download the full software package with drivers of HP Envy 4521 from the HP official website. And when you couldn’t install the drivers in your system, you can try plug and play. If the result show an exclamatory mark on the printer icon or it shows as an unknown device you can try updating your printer driver. For that click the Update driver and in the following screen you can see add printer wizard. Now choose manufacturer as HP from the right hand side. Then select your driver option and click download.

Installation Failed in Envy 4521 Of MAC Through USB Setup

These things can rise when software currently unavailable or the download failed or you cannot print. In that case follow the below steps Envy 4521 USB setup in mac.

  • First thing you have to check is that your mac system has the latest updates installed in it.
  • You have to run the Apple software update to confirm that your computer has the latest driver installed in it.
  • You can use Air Print. AirPrint is a inbuilt application for HP printer.
  • To use AirPrint you don’t need any additional driver setup. Now select AirPrint from the print using menu in the ADD menu.
  • Give some time since it need some days to update the driver for your new version of your Operating System.

What To Do When HP Envy 4521 Printer Not Found During the USB Setup in Windows

  • First reconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer. Then restart your printer, computer and router. Try connecting to different USB port.
  • Connect directly with the USB port. Don’t use docking station. Check the power that it is not having any fluctuations.
  • Your USB cable must be less than 3 m for Envy 4521 USB setup . If you have connected any other USB devices to computer remove them all.
What To Do When HP Envy 4521 Printer Not Found During the USB Setup in Mac
  • Initially restart your printer and computer. Then disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it.
  • Now try connecting the cable to the different USB port. If your computer has other USB devices connected, remove them all.
  • Your USB cable must be within 3m. Then try using a different USB cable. Don’t use docking station or USB hub. Connect your printer USB cable directly to the computer.
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