HP Mobile Printing Setup - How to Print form Mobile to Printer?

There are number of application which lets you print from your android and iPhone to your HP printer. Then, use this feature to get your photo printed from your mobile with no time. Most of your HP printer model supports HP smart app, WI-FI Direct, HP ePrint and Google Cloud Print from HP mobile printing setup.

HP Wireless Printer App – Mobile Application Available for Printing in HP Printer

  • HP ePrint.
  • HP smart app.
  • HP print from chrome.
  • HP print service plugin
  • Printing with Amazon Alexa
  • HP Wireless Direct.
  • Amazon fire devices.
  • Printing with Cortana
  • Printing with Google Home.
  • Apple AirPrint.
  • NFC touch to print.
  • Google Cloud Print.
  • Mopria print service.
  • WI-FI Direct.
  • USB OTG printing.
  • Windows 10 mobile printing.
  • Samsung Print service plugin.

HP Print Service Plugin

Basic requirement is your android OS should be 5.0 or later. Make sure your mobile and HP printer connected to the same wireless network for mobile printing.

Download HP Print Service Plugin for Android Mobile - HP Mobile Printing Setup

  1. Initially install HP Print Service Plugin from play store.
  2. If you are using Android 7, HP Print Service Plugin turns on automatically.
  1. If it is Android 6, click settings. Then search for HP Print Service.
  2. Then turn on the service. You have to turn on other print plugin too.

How to Print with HP Print Service Plugin?

First turn on your HP Printer and connect it with a wireless network. Then, go to your Android mobile settings, and choose the wifi network name. The network same as the printer connected to. Then navigate to play store in your mobile and download HP Print Service application. From the notification bar, turn on the print service.

Then make sure you have loaded photo pare in your printer. Now open the photo you want to print then click the menu icon on the top. Then, choose print option from the drop down. Then change the photo settings before you start to print the photo. Finally click print to get your photo printed wirelessly from your printer.

How to Print from iPhone to Wireless Printer?

First, you can use AirPrint for iphone printing to HP printer. First you have to do all the requirements to print on your iPhone and your HP printer. Then, on your iPhone go to wifi, turn it on and check that you have connected to the same wireless network as that of your printer. If not you have to change the network and join. Then go to your HP printer and check if you have connected to the wireless network, for that in your printer control panel click the wireless, icon and press network settings. In the following page check the network connection status. If you have not connected to the wireless network then in your printer control panel, click setup and choose wireless option. In the following page choose Wireless setup wizard. Simply follow the guidelines to establish the connection between your printer and the wireless network.

How to Print from iphone without Airprint?
  1. First, turn on your HP printer. Check the paper is loaded and ink cartridge is full. In you iphone open the photo you want to print.
  2. Next click the share icon. After that click print option. Next click Select Printer option.
  3. Then, you can choose your printer name in the pop up.
  1. Next change the photo settings such as number of copies, Paper size, settings and number of copies.
  2. Then, one can print documents, webpages and photo using AirPrint application.
  3. Finally, you can use AirPrint without wireless network too.

Print from iphone to HP printer without wifi. If you don’t have wireless connection network then go to settings in your Apple iOS device and click Wi-Fi. There click “Choose a network menu” option. Next choose a printer with “Direct” in front of it name. After that you have to choose your photo from your iPhone and click share icon. Then choose Print icon. Finally click “select printer” option. Thus solving the basic question “How to print from phone to HP printer?”