How to Check the Ink Level in HP Deskjet 3636?

HP ink level checking, If you get blur, faint and unclear print output then the first thing you have to check is that your ink level. Follow the below steps and you can check the ink levels in windows, android and IOS. So if you find your ink level is low or depleted then reinstall a new ink cartridge.

  • Ink level checking in windows
  • Ink level checking in android/ IOS
  • Ink level checking in mac

Ink Level Checking in Windows

  • Initially you can install HP smart app for HP ink level checking. Note the ink level or the remaining ink available in your ink cartridges.
  • Then, you can also download HP Print and Scan Doctor from the HP official site. Once you download the application, click the Printer option in the top menu.
  • And choose Supply levels option. You can also simply find the ink levels on windows from the HP printer software.
  • For that search for HP in the windows and choose the file. Next open the HP Solutions center and select Maintain your printer option for HP ink level checking.

Ink Level Checking in Android/ IOS

  • First install HP Smart App in your smart phone for HP ink level checking. You can install the application from the HP official site.
  • Next add your printer to the application to check the ink levels. You can also install SureSupply application from the Google play store.
  • This app can indicate the ink level with alert message and can automatically order a new cartridge when you run out ink.
  • Use SureSupply app to find your printer, find the local store and many more additional feature.
  • The added advantage is that you can get genuine ink cartridge from the app for HP ink level checking.

Ink Level Analysis in mac

  • First, you can use HP printer software for HP ink level checking. Initially click the Apple icon and choose system preferences option.
  • After that select printers and scanners or print and scan option. Now choose your printer from the list and select Options and Supplies.
  • Then choose the supply tab for HP ink level checking. Then you can also print a test page. Which contain printer details including the ink level.
  • Finally, you can choose the HP tool Box icon from the taskbar and click status button. Wait for few minutes and you can get the ink level diagram in the window.

How to Solve Not Printing Issue But Full Ink in the HP Deskjet 3636?

You might check the ink level but the ink is sufficient and still not getting the print output then follow the below steps to solve the issue.

  • Initially try to reinstall the HP printer driver and software.
  • Use genuine HP ink cartridges.
  • Then use the suitable paper for your printer.
  • Next check for ink smears in the back of printout.
  • Finally check the print settings in mac and windows.
  • Then, check the estimated ink levels. If it is low replace it with a new one. You can try printing a print quality report.
  • Analyze the report to see any errors are there.
  • Then, find the defects from the color block in the print output.
  • If it is then clean the ink cartridges of the HP Deskjet 3636 printer.

How to Solve Windows 10 'no toner /ink' Issues in HP Deskjet 3636?

There are some technical issue when try printing with windows 10 and HP software over the internet. At that time go through the below quick steps to solve the issue.

  • First try to uninstall and reinstall the HP printer software.
  • Restart your printer, router and computer.
  • Try printing using USB cable or wireless or Ethernet.
  • Now make sure you have selected single cart mode or the multiple cart mode.

Nothing worked follow the below guidelines to solve ‘no toner /ink’ issues in HP Deskjet 3636 and HP ink level checking process.

  • First, go to start then setting after that Devices and printers option.
  • Then select HP print and choose management option.
  • Next from the left panel, choose Edit Printer Properties option. After that go to the port tab and select “Add Port” option.
  • Now choose Standard TCP/IP port and New Port option.
  • If you get the IP address of your printer enter it on the input.
  • Now in the printer properties, your Standard TCP/IP option selected in the printer properties.
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