HP dj3630 Printer Application - Smart Application

HP Printing from AirPrint

AirPrint is an in-build HP dj3630 Printer Application for IOS user it will be available for both Apple computer and Apple phone. AirPrint application makes our work simpler rather downloading drive.

  • First connect your printer and apple device through wireless network.
  • After that make sure you know your network login details name and password.
  • Now check whether your printer is connected to wireless network. Go to settings to know the network status or click on to wireless icon and this id for printer which has touch screen panel.
  • Then for Printer without touch screen panel, press to start and copy black button same time or press wireless or information button same time. It gives us the printout status about wireless network connection from Wireless Test Report. 
  • Based on the connecting status – If printer is connected to the network skip the steps. Otherwise continue with next step.
  • Connect printer to network, if it is a touch screen. click to setup choose network or wireless option and select Wireless Setup Wizard and proceed with instruction to connect with network.
  • But if the printer doesn’t have touch screen, press and hold wireless and cancel button continuously until flashlight comes from power and wireless.
  • Before two hours press and hold WI-FI protected setup on router to begin with connection. When the connection is done it stops flashing.
  • Start print from your apple device. Open the document or webpage or photo you want to print, touch to share or forward option. Tap print icon to open print option.
  • Next choose your printer from the list and provide the necessary details in Printer options like number of copies, Color, Paper etc Finally click print.

HP Printing from Amazon Fire Device

Next HP dj3630 Printer Application is Amazon fire device that can be connected to Smart phones and Tablets. Amazon fire device supports photos of JPEG and PNG format, Microsoft office files, PDF, Web pages, Text files

  • First check whether the hardware is set ready for printing.
  • HP dj3630 Printer Application like Amazon fire device supports for Amazon OS version from 5.0 – 5.9 .
  • Next check printer and Amazon fire is connected to wireless or wired network.
  • Then open the file which you want to print and tap to print option. Print preview pages displays on the window.
  • Click to down arrow to select your printer from the available list.
  • Inorder to print directly from wi-fi network, which means printer directly print without seeking permission from local network.
  • Use Wi-fi direct when it is not connected to a network. For that  Choose Direct-xx-HP from available list.
  • In addition Click down arrow if you want to make some changes in paper size and other details. Finally tap print

HP dj3630 Printer Application - HP Printing Using Google Cloud Print

One of the HP dj3630 Printer Application is Google Cloud Print

  • First connect your printer with Google cloud print either from mobile or computer.
  • Next choose a file or image you want print and click to menu icon.
  • Then choose print, select your printer model and fill in other details in printer setting window and click print.
  • You can also share your printer if any of your friends or family having Google account .
  • For that open chrome page and sign in to Google account.
  • Go to Cloud print – Printers. Select your printer and click to share option.
  • Again go to sharing setting window give the name and g-mail address of the person whom you wish to join. Click join.
  • Eventually when your recipient accepts your invite it will also be accessible from them to use.