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HP AMP 107 printers are All-in-One printer with Smart AMP and Bluetooth speaker. The smart AMP is a cloud based service lets you ask questions and answer them in an informative way. Combining smart AMP with Bluetooth speaker is one of the great steps. You can also hear music with the inbuilt speaker system. With this 123.hp.com/amp107 printer you can attend your phone calls at your work desk. The quality of the sound is great and clear at the same time. HP AMP 107 printer also supports mobile printing technology. This lets you print directly from your phone. The printer support print, scans, copy and fax. Download your printer software from 123.hp.com/amp107 or 123.hp.com/setup 107 .


Features - 123.hp.com/amp107

  • To begin with HP AMP 107 printers it contains Smart AMP and Bluetooth speaker. The USB ports which you can use as a charging port.
  • Besides the HP AMP 107 printer contains LCD display. Use this printer to take phone calls using speaker system.
  • In particular it supports Wireless Printing. HP AMP 107 printers are inkjet printer and contain 4 ink cartridges black, cyan, magenta and yellow.
  • The HP AMP 107 printer support both wired and wireless connectivity. Photo printing enabled.
  • Likewise supports Mobile printing technology such as Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint and wireless direct printing.
  • In summary 123.hp.com/amp107 printer compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, macOS Sierra 10.12 and MacOS X 10.9/10.10/10.11.

Need assistance to set your printer for the first time? Follow the steps below for hassle free setup

From Unboxing to power on HP AMP 107

  • Initially cut open the box. You can see printer manual, guides, ink cartridges and power cord. Then pull out the cover containing 123.hp.com/amp107 printer. It contains a blue handle like cover which makes comfortable for the printer to get out from the package.
  • Now use a cutting blade to remove the plastic cover. Remain cautious while doing so. The packages and covers that came along the printers are recyclable. Visit 123.hp.com/setup 107 for further information regarding recycling process.
  • Next take out the power cable and plug the power cable in the back of the HP AMP 107 printer the other end to the wall outlet. Download the device drivers and software for HP AMP 107 printers from 123.hp.com/amp107 or 123.hp.com/setup 107 .

Install Ink cartridges and Paper loading

  • First take the setup cartridges from its packaging. Then pull out the orange tab from both the black and tri-color cartridges. Furthermore don’t touch the copper contacts. On touching them you may damage the ink nozzle which affects the ink flow and in turn produces poor quality.
  • Next snap in the color cartridge to the left slot. Similarly the black into the right slot. Now pull out the paper feeder from the back of the 123.hp.com/setup 107 printer. You can load maximum of 60 papers. Then take a bunch of paper, tap it in an even surface align them and feed it in the paper tray.  Now the printer calibrates and prints the alignment page.
  • Consequently scan the alignment page in the printer scanner bed for the print head alignment. This improves and optimizes the printers printing quality. Facing any issues while installing and setting up HP AMP 107 visit 123.hp.com/amp107 for printer solutions.

123.hp.com/amp107 - Default Wireless Settings

To begin with wireless connection the HP AMP 107 printer must set on default wireless settings. So the connection establish properly. Now press the cancel button. The press and hold cancel and wireless button for few moments. Remove any USB cable and place the printer close to the computer. And make sure the wireless LED symbol is blinking. Then continue with software installation process. Keep in mid the 123.hp.com/amp107 printer remains in the setup mode for 120 minutes and you have to complete the process with in the time limit. If not you have to repeat the steps to again set up the printer in setup mode. Download the latest software for your printer from 123.hp.com/setup 107 .

Wireless Printer software download - 123.hp.com/amp107

  1. First navigate to 123.hp.com/amp107 in the web browser of your computer. Then in the search box enter printer name along with printer series number. Next click find button. In the following page check the windows operating system, size and version of the software driver.
  2. You can change the operating system and also choose between the OS version in 123.hp.com/amp107 . Then click download. Now turn on the HP AMP 107 printer and press the wireless button.
  3. Wireless quick start guide prints. After that click the downloaded file from downloads bar. The software extracts. Now follow the on screen instructions. And read the service agreement to enable the check boxes to continue installing the software.
  1. Then from the connections option screen choose wireless. Now the network connections verified.
    By the way the software prompts you to connect a USB cable temporarily. For transferring printer software to HP AMP 107.
  2. Furthermore choose yes, to access your router and computer. And click next. Now enter your wireless network password. Lastly wait for the  wireless LED to light continuously from blinking.
  3. Then once the software prompts to remove the USB cable remove it. Follow further steps to complete the software installation process.  Having any queries call HP manufacturer or visit 123.hp.com/setup 107 .

Printer driver installation in Mac

  • On your computer navigate to 123.hp.com/amp107 . And click Download. Once your software downloads HP Easy Start window opens. Then click “Set up My HP Product”. Now accept any terms and conditions. And click continue on the prepare screen.
  • Particularly make sure your HP AMP 107 printer is not in sleep mode if it is press the power button to wake it up. While from the connect screen choose your printer name and click Continue. Following page displays the network name along with the network password.
  • Check whether your network name and password are same and click join. Otherwise click the network name, choose the correct one and click join. Then HP Easy Start prompts to give access to network key chain. Click “allow”. The installer enters the password if not you have to enter it manually.
  • In the connection screen choose wireless connection. Choose HP essential software and click “continue”. Next the “Add and Verify your Device” screen add you’re HP AMP 107 printer. And click “Print Test Page” to check whether all the setup is correct or not.

How to use Built-in Bluetooth Speaker?

In the first place find the audio buttons in the printer control panel. There are Phone buttons, Volume down button, Play/Pause button, Volume up button and Bluetooth button. Then press the Bluetooth button. Next turn on the Bluetooth function in your mobile device. Following page choose your 123.hp.com/amp107 printer name from the list of Bluetooth device. Lastly there is an audio saying “Device connected”.
Conversely if your mobile device not paired with your HP AMP 107 printer keep your mobile device near your 123.hp.com/setup 107 printer. And try turn on and off the device once again to refresh the connection. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds for the printer to establish connection with the mobile device. Especially keep your mobile as discoverable in the Bluetooth settings.

HP Smart App - 123.hp.com/amp107

Use HP Smart App to print, scan and copy function. If you are using android your android OS must be 5.0 or later version. In case of Apple iOS it must 11 or later version. In the first place download the application from 123.hp.com/setup 107 . Then connect your printer to wireless network. Now add your printer to the application. If you don’t find your HP AMP 107 printer click the plus symbol and add your printer manually.

HP Smart App functions - 123.hp.com/amp107
  • First to use printing function, configure the application with HP AMP 107 printer. Second make sure your printer name is in your home page. You can also print the cloud service contents.
  • Next in the home screen of the application there are options. Choose the option to continue printing. Then choose the document or photo location from your phone. Lastly make any changes and tap print.
  • Following printing function learn scan function of HP AMP 107 printer. Open the scanner lid of your 123.hp.com/amp107 printer and place the document. Besides use the guides in the scanner bed for correct placement of the document.
  • After that if you are scanning number of document use the Automatic Document Feeder. Then on the HP Smart app choose scan option you can also adjust the scan settings with the gear symbol at the top right corner.
  • Now click the scan button if you need to scan more pages, rename the scan copy and save them. Lastly learn copy function. Click the copy tile in the app then click Personalize button and select copy.
  • Then choose your document need to copy click the flash icon to set the flash mode. Following page choose auto or manual mode then click Start Black or Start Color.

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