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HP AMP 107 printer contains sound system with amplifier. US environmental Protection Agency gives Energy Star certification which reduces the power consumption. The printer is environmental friendly. You can use the HP Online tools to detect and rectify the printer issues. These affordable printers can make professional and lab quality prints. And you can adjust the sleep mode from the embedded web server page. One can download and update to the latest version of the printer software and driver from 123.hp.com/setup 107 or 123.hp.com/amp107 .


123.hp.com/setup 107 - Unboxing and setup of your HP AMP 107 printer

  • Be cautious and use scissors to cut open the printer package. Now open the package. You can find HP ink cartridges, Power cable, USB cable and manual guides. And also two ink cartridges with instant ink subscription pamphlet.
  • Next power your printer with the power cord that came along with the printer package. Now turn on the printer. Then open the ink cartridge package and take out the cartridges.
  • After that remove the orange tab around the cartridges. You have to hold the cartridges by its side to prevent the damage of copper contacts. Now open the ink cartridge access door. The carriage moves to the center. Insert them into its appropriate slot until you hear a click sound and close the cartridge door.
  • Then raise the input tray behind the printer. And load paper into the input tray. Next pull out the paper output tray you can see the tray extender raise it. Then after finishing all setup download the software and driver from 123.hp.com/setup 107 .

123.hp.com/setup 107 - Software downloads using USB setup

  • Initially navigate to 123.hp.com/setup 107 or 123.hp.com/amp107 in your computer browser. Next the home page choose support tab then choose software and drivers. From the resultant page there is search box. In it enter printer name and series number.
  • Now click find. Next comes the Software and driver result page. Then in that page you can adjust the operating system and check the related software information. Now click download. Then turn on your 123.hp.com/setup 107 printer and press the wireless button. 
  • Next open the downloaded software from the computer. Then enable the check box and click continue. In the Connection Options page choose wireless option and click next. Now the software prompts you to connect USB to the computer and the printer.
  • Next in the network setup page enter the wireless password and click continue. You can confirm the wireless setup through solid wireless LED. Finally the printer setup completed

Android printing with HP printer

  • You can print directly from the HP printer using Wi-Fi Direct feature and android mobile without using the wireless network. Now download the HP Print Service Plugin from the play store. And from the notification bar, enable the toggle button.
  • Next from the printer display choose the Wi-Fi Direct button. Then print the information page to note the Wi-Fi Direct name and its password. Now go to the mobile and click the settings and choose the Wi-Fi Direct network of the printer.
  • Then go to the gallery and select the photo needs to print. And click the menu option. From the drop down choose print option. And in the following pop up adjust all the settings.
  • Choose your 123.hp.com/amp107 printer name and click print. If you are having connection issue try moving the mobile near to the printer. Having any issue please visit 123.hp.com/setup 107 or 123.hp.com/amp107 for any troubleshooting ideas.

Apple iOS printing with HP printer - 123.hp.com/setup 107

  • First choose the Wi-Fi Direct option from your printer display. Now press and hold the resume button for few seconds to print the report contains network name and the password.
  • Next in the Wi-Fi Direct Settings choose automatic option in the connection method. Then in your Apple mobile device click settings then click Wi-Fi. In the following list of networks choose your printers Wi-Fi Direct name and enter password.
  • Now go to gallery open the photo and click the share icon. Now tap print. In the list of printer name choose your printer name. And you can collect the output from the printer. After printing don’t forget to reconnect your printer with network.

Steps to make better prints in macOS - 123.hp.com/setup 107

  1. Initially print a test page to check if you are having any issues with print head for that follow the below steps. Load the input tray with plain and white paper. Then open the HP Utility software.
  2. Next in your software choose your printer name from the list. Then click Test Page and choose Print Test Page. Now inspect the printed text page.
  3. If it contains any missing parts or any steaks you have to clean the print head. To clean the print head open the HP Utility software. Choose your printer from the list.
  4. And choose Clean Print heads then click Clean. But keep in mind frequent cleaning of the print head can shortens the lifespan of the print head and cause the wastage of ink. 
  1. HP recommends you to use HP photo paper for photos and ColorLok paper for documents. After that only use the genuine HP ink cartridges for better print quality.
  2. Then check if the paper you loaded in the printer matches the paper settings of the printer. Keep in mind the low ink in the cartridge can also result in bad quality prints.
  3. So replace the ink cartridges immediately when you receive low ink level alert from your printer.
  4. You can get the automatic ink delivery to your doorstep by registering your printer with HP instant ink account from 123.hp.com/setup 107 .
Troubleshoot audio system and Bluetooth issue
  1. Having issues connecting Bluetooth feature with audio system of 123.hp.com/amp107 . Follow these steps to rectify the issue. First check if the Bluetooth feature enabled in your mobile or any device.
  2. Turn off other Bluetooth device to prevent any possible obstructions. Ensure your Bluetooth device is within the range of the 123.hp.com/setup 107 printer.Try turning the printer off and turn on. Then connect with your device. Volume up the audio system
  3. To refresh the Bluetooth device list with the printer, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 8 seconds which can delete all the previous Bluetooth history from the printer memory. Then check if any electromagnetic devices near the device which may interfere with the Bluetooth signals.
Tips avoid paper jam issue
  • First remove all those packaging materials carefully to prevent paper jam error in the future. Next don’t use curled corner paper and used paper to prevent the paper pick up issue.
  • Then open the ink cartridge and inspect the carriage path to take out any torn pieces of paper which can render the free moving of the carriage.
  • And in the first place don’t use any sharp objects to remove any struck or torn paper inside the printer. Be cautious and get ideas from 123.hp.com/amp107 . On loading the paper in the input tray don’t load different types of paper inside. And make sure the paper settings matches the paper that you are loading in the input tray.
  • While placing the paper inside tap them in the even surface and align them equally to prevent paper jam error. And load the paper in the input tray before printing.
  • If you want to add paper while printing, add them once you get the out of paper message displays in the printer. Then coming to the paper width guide, press them gently against the printer.
  • Pushing them can bend the paper. And don’t push the input tray far away. Finally load the tray with appropriate amount of paper. Don’t over fill them beyond its capacity. And remove the printed outputs frequently from the output tray.
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HP AMP 107 printer is a wireless printer with Bluetooth Speakers. This ultra-compact printer can save your space. The clear sound effects and seamless Bluetooth speaker can make you attend your phone calls from your study table. Next the printer enabled with dynamic security promises data safety over internet and protects you from any malware or hackers. After that utilize the built in USB port of the printer to charge your mobile device. The smart amp feature and built in mic of the printer helps to attend the phone calls from the control panel of the printer.
You can print the stored photos from cloud or from your mobile phone or from social media. The printer has wireless network connectivity and supports printing applications such as AirPrint, ePrint and Wireless Direct Printing.


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