123.hp.com/setup 9018 - software driver and printer configurations.

HP Officejet Pro 9018 is a multi-function color printer with faxing, copying, printing and scanning functions. It support small home based office to industrial purposes. Find the device drivers for the printer in 123.hp.com/setup 9018 . These printers produce low cost per page for high quality prints. And has modern technology such as built in Wi-Fi connectivity.
HP Officejet Pro 9018 supports mobile printing technology such as wireless direct printing, Mopria Print Service, Apple AirPrint and HP ePrint. And assist yellow, Cyan, black and magenta. HP Officejet Pro 9018 can print documents and photos from USB flash drive. It has fax features such as auto reduction, automatic redialing and fax forwarding.


123.hp.com/setup 9018 - Initialize HP Officejet Pro 9018

  • First peel off the cardboard box of the HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer box. You can find the software installation CD the same software can also be in downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup 9018 . Next there are set up poster, basic set up instructions, Get Started Guide, caution flyer, set of ink cartridges, power cord, fax cord and HP Instant Ink Card.
  • Now tilt the box and place in an even surface and pull out the cover contains the printer. Remove the Styrofoam caps on the both sides. Note that all the packing materials that came with printer are recyclable. Then remove all the blue tape around the tape and slide out the input tray and remove any packing materials inside it and close the input tray.
  • Pull out clear plastic on all the reflective surfaces and now lift the scanner lid you can find a Styrofoam sheet inside the scanned bed. Let’s power ON the HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer, pull out the power cord and plug in into the printer power cord and to the wall outlet. Switch on the printer. The printer takes time to get initialize from the printer control panel choose date, time, country and language.

HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer setup

  • The printer prompt us to install the ink cartridges, open the ink cartridge access door wait for the carriage to comes to ink access area.
  • Then remove the insert from the carriage take out the ink cartridge bundle note the color in the cartridges as well the slot to insert the ink cartridges appropriately.
  • Before inserting pull out the orange tab around the cartridges keep in mind not to touch those copper contacts which may damage the ink flow.
  • Then close the ink cartridge access door the printer and touch ok in the printer display. Now the printer prompts to install paper.
  • Slide out the input tray and lift the output tray. Adjust the paper width guide to load fresh paper inside HP Officejet Pro 9018 printer and touch OK in the printer display.
  • Then slide out the output tray the printer prints the alignment page after aligning the print head.
  • Next open the scanner lid and place the alignment page with the down side follow the markings on the scanner lid to properly place the alignment page.
  • Touch scan in the display after scanning and aligning the print head a success message displays. If you don’t receive on visit 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 to debug the issue.

123.hp.com/setup 9018 - Network connection by Wireless Setup Wizard

Mac OS wireless set up

  • First click the wireless icon on the printer control panel and touch the setup icon. In the following screen touch Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Before starting the process collect the network name and network password. Turn on the router, printer and computer.
  • Now select the network name from the list of networks and enter the network password and click OK.
  • If the list doesn’t have your network name touch “enter new network name” then enter the password and click done.
  • Having any issues with mac wireless setup navigate to 123.hp.com/setup 9018 or 123.hp.com/ojpro9018  .

Windows wireless set up

  • Initially connect the printer to the wireless network and download the printer software and driver from 123.hp.com/setup 9018 .
  • Then switch ON the router and computer. Collect the network name and network password. Remove any USB cable or any Ethernet connection from the HP Officejet Pro printer.
  • Go to the printer control panel touch wireless icon and then setup icon. Then choose Wireless Setup Wizard in the following screen.
  • Choose your network name from the list and enter your network password and touch done. If your network name is not listed touch Enter New Network Name and enter your name and touch OK.

Network connection by Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

123.hp.com/setup 9018 - Software Download

  • Initially navigate to the 123.hp.com/setup 9018 . Find your product by searching the model number and click begin and click download. Find HP Easy Start in the Downloads folder and click to start the download.
  • When the package extracts and get installed in the following screen, click Add Printer. In the Add printer page, click the name of your printer from the list of printer names.
  • Adjust the Operating System and select your versions now click Change. Then under the Driver heading choose full software package or basic driver package baser on your requirements.
  • You can also use the software installation CD that came along the printer package but there is no assurance that it contains the latest and updated software package. If you install the deprecated version, on further working it will shoot various connection and printing issue.
  • You can always download the latest and updated version of software from 123.hp.com/setup 9018 or 123.hp.com/ojpro9018 . And troubleshoot any printer related issues in the same site.
Office features of HP Officejet Pro 9018
  1. First turn on the printer if you are placing the document in the scanner place it downside and if it is ADF place the print side up.
  2. In the printer control panel touch copy enter the number of copies then touch the settings icon and give any advance print settings in the following screen such as Quality, Enhancements, Resize and Collate.
  3. After giving all the changes touch Save Current Settings and press back to the main screen and click Start Black or Start Color. Collect your print job from the printer.
  1. Initially download printer software from 123.hp.com/setup 9018 . Then lift then scanner lid and place the document or the photo. Follow the guide in the scanner bed to place the documents.
  2. From the computer open Start menu and navigate to “All programs” and click HP Solutions Center. Based on the item given in the scanner choose scan photo or scan document.
  3. Next give the path for your scanned item to get stored in your system. In preview dialogue box adjust the setting of the output and click finish
  1. First remove any plain paper from the input tray and load photo paper in the tray. Then edit the photo for better print quality. Right click the photo and click Open with and choose Paint or Windows photo Editor to edit the photo.
  2. Now click Print , Document properties window opens from the layout tabs and paper quality tabs do adjustments and click OK and click Print.
  3. Lastly make sure to remove any remaining photo paper from the tray because with time the paper gets curl and waste of use.

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