123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Follow This Guidance To Finish The Setup

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Specifications

  1. The photo printer can print, scan and copy. And the printer made from recycled printers so it is environment friendly. Printer box contains setup card, getting started guide, instant ink flyer, two ink cartridges, photo paper and power cord.
  2. The printer box comes with an installation CD you can install the printer software with that. And the same can downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup 7820 or 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 . Quiet mode of the printer lets you work peacefully. The printer has touch screen control display along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart.
  3. The printer produces professional quality photos. You can get ink delivered to your door steps by signing in to the HP instant ink account. And the printer has wireless capacity from you can print with smartphone and tablet. Printer has Scan to email facility.
  4. You can effectively reduce the paper usage since it contains dedicated photo trays which automatically match the print settings and paper type.

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - First time printer setup process

Initially slide the printer box in a plane surface. Use a paper cutter to open the printer box. Inside the box you can see reference guide with setup instructions, sample photo paper, instant ink sheet and basic setup papers. There will be power cord and two ink cartridges. After removing the Styrofoam caps and setting aside all the reference papers pull out the printer out of the box. By registering your printer to the instant ink service you can get your ink cartridge deliver to your home. Remove all the packaging materials carefully since leaving anything behind can create the paper ham error in the future. Then place the printer in an even and smooth surface.

After that you can see a thin plastic film around the printer peel the paper off of the 123.hp.com/setup 7820 printer. Then remove the packaging materials around the printer surface. Then inside the printer scanner bed, paper input tray and ink cartridge access area. You can see a side slit in the printer use that to open the ink cartridge access area. Wait for the carriage to move and come in the ink access area. If you are having further doubts about the basic printer unboxing process you can visit 123.hp.com/setup 7820 or 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 .

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Loading paper and ink cartridge installation process

Initially power on the 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 printer by connecting the power cord to the printer and the wall outlet. Then Press the power button the printer gets initialized. After getting initialized the printer prompts you to set the language and country. Next take a stack of paper and load it in the paper tray after tapping it in a plane surface to prevent any mismatched papers in the stack. Then, the paper shouldn’t user, rolled or a damaged one. Now it’s time to install the ink cartridges.

So take out the ink cartridge out of the printer package and remove the packaging materials around them. Then, keep in mind not to touch those copper contacts while inserting them since it may damage and create poor electrical contacts, damaged ink nozzle along with poor quality printing. Then hold the cartridges by its sides and insert them in the upward angle in the appropriate slot. After that the alignment page get printed you have to scan the alignment page for optimized printing results.

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Wireless printer setup


  • Your network password.
  • Your network name- Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  • And a computer that connected with an active network connection.
  • Remove any USB or Ethernet cable connected to the printer and the computer.
  • Make sure the router, computer and 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 printer turned on.


  • In this method we are going to use Wireless Setup Wizard to connect your printer with the wireless network. Initially in your printer control panel click the wireless icon.
  • Then the setup icon. In the following screen choose Wireless Setup Wizard. In the next screen choose your network name and click ok. Then enter the password for the network to add the network to your printer and click ok.
  • If your network name not listed in the list click the “Enter New Network Name” and manually enter your network name.

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Steps install the driver wirelessly

One can install the printer software from the printer software CD that came along the printer package. But the thing is there is no assurance the CD contains the latest and updated version of the printer software. So get your printer software from 123.hp.com/setup 7820 or 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 .

First go to your PC and enter 123.hp.com/setup 7820 in your browser. Then click the download button.

Now the installer gets downloaded in your computer. Locate the downloaded file and double click on the file to open.

After that the file extracts and get installed in your computer. Then simply follow the onscreen instruction to finish the download and setup process.

By doing so keep in mind you have to give access to the software to do changes in your pc to get installed.

123.hp.com/setup 7820 - Wi-Fi Direct usage

Turn on your Wi-Fi Direct

From the printer control panel, touch Wi-Fi Direct. Then choose settings icon. If it shows that it turned off touch the toggle button to turn it on. But before using this feature makes sure the Wi-Fi Direct turned on in your printer. Finally, you can connect up to 5 mobile or computer to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Ideas to improve the print quality
  • Initially check color blocks in print quality test page. Then, check if it shows any white lines or any faded color in the color block.
  • If you see any defects you have to clean the ink cartridges of 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 printer. Next inspect the green color block and lines for defects.
  • Finally, you got any unconnected lines or any dark lines in the green box you have to clean the ink nozzle manually and have to align the printer.

To do so from the printer control panel, click the setup icon. From that choose tools and select Clean Cartridges. A Print Quality Diagnostic page prints. Next examine the page if acceptable you can print if not repeat the steps.

For this process from the 123.hp.com/ENVYPhoto7820 printer control panel choose setup icon. Then choose tools and select Align Cartridges. A Print Quality Diagnostic page prints. Again inspect the page if you see any defects continue to the next step.

To clean the ink cartridge you can use dry cotton swab and lint-free cloth. You can use distilled water to do the cleaning. Next open the ink cartridge and wait for the printer to get idle before starting the cleaning process. Then press cartridges to remove it. Clean the area surrounding ink nozzle and don’t clean nozzle plate and ink cartridge contacts. Finally, wait for cartridge to get dry and reinsert them.


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