Printer setup and Printer solutions - 4526

HP envy 4526 is a multi-function wireless printer having improved wireless connectivity and faster printing speeds. These versatile printers are highly sophisticated which gives sharp and clear print. HP envy 4526 reduces the print timing with duplex printing and reduces the ink usage by fifty percentages. By signing in to the HP instant ink policy with HP account you would never run out of ink. The ink cartridges are delivered to your doorstep by HP. Get your printer driver and software packages from 4526 . The printer support various paper formats and can print borderless print.

123-hp-setup-4526 4526 - Basic HP envy 4526 printer setup

  • Open the printer box. Take out all the printer setup manual papers and Quick start guide. Then you can find the power cord and two ink cartridges. Now slide the printer box on its side and place the box in an even surface.
  • Pull out the printer cover from the box keep aside the reference paper inside the bag. Then remove the plastic cover around the printer. Next open the scanner lid and remove any plastic or Styrofoam sheet. Then peel off the blue tape in the output tray and slide out the input tray.
  • Lift the top cover of the printer and remove any brown cardboard inside it and close the door. Plug in the power cord in the printer and the wall outlet. The cardboard and plastic packing materials that come along with the printer are recyclable find further information on 4526. 4526 - Launching HP envy 4526

  • First Power ON the HP envy 4526 printer, the printer takes few moments to initialize. Then choose the country, language, time and date to finish the basic printer setup.
  • Now the printer prompts to install ink cartridges there is small animation video on how to set the ink cartridges. You can watch it and install by tapping the video icon in the screen.
  • Then open the printer compartment and find the ink carriage. Take out the cartridges from its package and remove the orange tab around the cartridge.
  • Don’t touch the copper contacts it damages the print heads. Snap the black and tri color cartridge into its slot gently and close the ink cartridge access door.
  • After this you can see the success message on the printer display click OK. Now the printer gives a prompt that it prints an alignment page.
  • Once getting the alignment page place the page in the scan bed and hit scan in the control display of the printer.
  • This will align the print head and improve the printing quality of the HP envy 4526 printer. If you face any issue and need solutions for your printer kindly visit 4526 or .

Steps for wired network connection

  1. Start with connecting one end of the Ethernet cable in the HP envy 4526 printer Ethernet port and other end to the router.
  2. Next open the browser of the computer and enter 4526 then click download. Choose HP Easy Start and click open.
  3. Now click continue in the HP Easy Start window and verify the guidelines in the window and click continue.
  4. In the next window enter the postal code of your area to check the software availability and click continue.
  5. Then Install window appears, choose the appropriate package from the option available and click install.
  6. Next window enable the WI-FI direct by entering the network password.
  7. Then follow the onscreen instructions to finish connecting the printer to the computer and print the test page to verify the print and scan process.

Steps for wireless network connection

  1. Initially learn the network password and network name. Turn ON the printer and computer and make sure both are connected in the same wireless network.
  2. Remove any USB cable connected to the printer since it may obstruct the wireless settings.
  3. Meet all the prerequisites such as remove any blocks between the printer and the router and keep the printer near the router that is within the range of the router.
  4. In the printer control panel choose setup icon and then network setup. In the next window click Wireless Setup Wizard.
  5. Next the printer search for the wireless router and select the available network. Choose the network name and enter the network password and click OK.
  6. Now the printer connects with the wireless network. Solve any printer issues and appropriate software package from 4526.

Setting up Web Services - 4526

To utilize the Web-Connected printing services such as HP ePrint, HP Printer Apps and HP Instant Ink of HP turn on the web services of HP envy 4526 printer. Follow the below steps to ON the web service.

  • To utilize the Web-Connected printing services such as HP ePrint, HP Printer Apps and HP Instant Ink of HP turn on the web services of HP envy 4526 printer. Follow the below steps to ON the web service.
  • Initially connect the printer to the wired or wireless network connection. Remove all the USB cable connects with the printer because it disables the printer web service.
  • Next press the ePrint icon or wireless setting from the printer display. Then press setup in the following screen to finish the setup.
  • After that Web Services Summary screen prompts. Click print to get the network information page which contains the printer code. This is used to connect the printer to the HP account.
  • The printer code valid for only forty eight from the time it printed. To get the device driver and software package for your printer visit 4526 and enter your printer name and series number.

Create and Connect with HP account

To send print jobs from your phone to you printer HP account is needed which is also used for ink delivery system. It is foe web connected printing services. Initially enable the web services in your HP envy 4526 printer. Some countries don’t have access to this feature so check the compatibly from 4526 or . Remove any USB connection from the HP envy 4526 printer .

  1. First navigate to on your browser and click Create Account. Enter all the needed information and verify the email to sign up into the HP account.
  2. Second note the printer code from the web services info page while turning on the web service on HP envy 4526 printer.
  1. Keep in mind the printer code valid for forty eight hours from the time it prints from the computer. In the Add Printer page, enter the printer code and click add printer.
  2. Click email address and add customize email address. Use this address for sending the print jobs to the phone in the future

HP envy 4526 mobile printing with ePrint

ePrint is mobile service which provides wireless printing from the mobile to the printer. To use this feature connect the 4526 printer with the web services and obtain the email address of the printer. Initially turn ON the web service by touching the ePrint icon in the display then setup and follow the on screen instruction. The web service info page display note the email of the printer there or print the info page to get the printers email address.

  • Send Print job to HP envy 4526 from computer through email application. By using the printers email address the email, webpages, photos and documents are printed.
  • If you are printing web content open the webpage and copy the content into the word document and attach it to the email and send to the printer email address.
  • For smartphone open the document or the photo that needs to print and touch the share icon.
    In the list of application choose the email option and send the email to printer email address.
  • The emails are forwarded and the webpage are copied and send as an attachment to the printer email address for printing.
HP envy 4526 voice printing with Cortana

Cortana is a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft for windows android and iOS mobile phones. This virtual voice assistant can be used to print from HP envy4526 over natural voice command without keying through keyboard. It makes printing easy for the physically challenged people. Before using Cortana for HP printers verify the language, availability and compatibility in your region on 4526 .

  • Initially check if HP envy 4526 is web connected and the mobile connected with the same network as the computer.
  • Next install the Cortana app in your mobile device. Then open the app and create a Microsoft account. And log in to the account.
  • Now press the mike icon in the screen and give command like Cortana talk to the HP Printer and the HP Printer Skill launches.
  • After that enable the check box to accept the terms and conditions. Click HP ACCOUNT. In the following window follow the instruction to sign in to HP account.
  • Then select the printer name and click Connect. Now the HP envy 4526 printer is ready to print with Cortana.
  • The basic requirements are an HP account, android mobile with OS version 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or version later than that. Having issues with Cortana printings visit 4526 or to verify the OS platform and the languages supported by this application.
Disclaimer 4526 believes in providing quality content to the readers regarding the technical issues in printers. We are third party service providers and don’t support or supply any HP products. The information expressed herein is for general purpose only and have no bond with HP printers.