Manage your printer quickly and easily - Deskjet 1510 setup

The minimum Operating System requirement for windows is 10, 8, 8.1 and 7. It requires internet connection and also hard disk space of 850 MB to store the printer software. For Macintosh minimum requirements goes like OS * v10.12 (Sierra), v10.11 (El Capitan), v10.10 (Yosemite). And it requires hard disk space of 850 MB to store the printer software. HP Deskjet 1510 printer has manual duplex printing and has no support for storage devices. Find the printer device driver and software along with trouble shooting ideas at 1510 or .


Deskjet 1510 setup - Initialize printer and Ink cartridges

  • First open the printer box and set aside the user guide, HP Instant Ink Card and other reference papers that come along with the printer. Then take out the power cord, black and tri color ink cartridges. Remove the brown sheet, plastic covers and blue tape around the printer and recycle them.
  • Next open the output tray and then the ink cartridge access door remove the blue tape inside and take out the packing materials. Then close the ink cartridge access door and the output tray. Found the device drivers and software for the printer in 1510 or .
  • Take out the ink cartridge that came along with the printer and connect one end of the power cord with the Deskjet 1510 printer and other end to the wall outlet. After that turn ON the printer and open the output tray and the ink cartridge access door. Wait for the carriage to come to rest.
  • Now remove the cartridges from the cover and pull the orange tab. Keep in mind not to touch the ink nozzle and copper contacts which may damage the ink flow in future. Next install the ink cartridges in the appropriate slot, tricolor on the left and black on the right. Close the ink cartridge access door and output tray. The printer recognizes the cartridges and prints the alignment page. Optimize the printer with alignment page.

HP easy start - software instructor

  • Download and install HP Deskjet 1510 printer from 1510 . HP easy start guides the application to install the printer in the computer wirelessly. Before that make sure the computer connected to the same network as the HP Deskjet 1510 printer and the network is 2.4 gigahertz network.
  • Initially set up printer in setup mode. Press the cancel button in the printer front panel then press and hold wireless button and cancel button for few seconds and release them. The network settings of the printer are now restored.
  • Then open the web browser of the computer and enter . Then click download to save the HP Easy Start. Now open the downloaded file the file extracts and get installed. Enable the check box and accept all terms and conditions to finish the download process.

Download Printer software & driver

  • First HP Easy Start checks for the printers in the same network and list the connected printer name.
    Choose your printer from the list. If your printer name not listed click “My Printer is not shown” and follow the instruction to troubleshoot any connection issue and connect the printer.
  • After verifying the network connection the software download page displays. It has option like full software and driver, basic driver and HP smart. HP recommends downloading the HP smart package from 1510 .
  • Once click download the software package downloads and open on its own. Then accept any terms and conditions to follow the process. In the next screen two options listed Automatic setup and Manual setup. Click automatic setup and choose your printer name and click next.

Deskjet 1510 setup - Software Installation for macOS

  • Initially enter 1510 in the browser of your mac system and click download. And open the “HP Easy Start” from the download. Check the terms and conditions and click continue. Then in the HP Deskjet 1510 printer click cancel button.
  • Then press and hold the cancel and wireless button for few seconds and release them and now the printer is in reset mode. Next in the “Prepare printer for setup” window click continue. Remove any USB cable or any Ethernet cable attached to the printer. In the following window choose your printer from the list of printer name connected in the same wireless network.
  • If your printer name doesn’t display on this screen make sure the printer powered ON with setup mode and connected to the same network as the printer. Now in the next screen under the wireless symbol the wireless network name displayed if it’s not your network name from the drop down menu choose your network name. Then click “allow” to setup the printer using the network settings stored in the system automatically.
  • Now follow the guidelines and the Install screen prompts. Choose the software needed from the list and click download.  In the “Add and Verify Your Device” click add device. To verify the installation process print the test page to check the print and scan process. Troubleshoot any installation issue in your mac system on 1510 or .

How to log in to HP Instant Ink?

Once signing in to the account on 1510 , HP monitors the ink level of the cartridges when the printer connected to the web services and send replacement cartridge before you run out of ink. To utilize this feature of HP follow the steps.

  1. First connect your HP Deskjet 1510 printer to the wireless network. Keep in mind the HP instant ink doesn’t work with USB connection.
  2. Next keep your card details and email address handy before registering your printer. On the browser of your computer enter before signing in check if your printer is eligible for HP instant ink.
  3. To check that click the link below the Sign up now button a dialogue box contain the entire printer model that support HP instant ink displays. Check whether your model supports or not.
  4. Then click Sign Up and choose your printer type and printer series. Then in the next page enter your pin number if you have a prepaid card.
  5. If you don’t have any card choose any plan listed and enter all the required information and click create account.
  1. Next enable web services on your printer for the touch ePrint icon from the printer display and click print. Info page prints which contains the printer code it may be a number or email address.
  2. If it is an email address the letters before is the printer code. Now enter the printer code in the account creation page of computer and click apply.
  3. After that enter your shipping address and billing information. Now confirm all the information and enter any promo code if you have any.
  4. Now enable any check boxes and click enroll. An email is send to your email address with your account information. Click view account page to see your ink usage and print history.
  5. Finally to clear any further doubts and details regarding ink shipment call HP service or visit 1510 .

Deskjet 1510 setup - Rectify Print and Scan issue

  • Initially enter Initially connect your HP Deskjet 1510 printer with windows computer for troubleshooting the printing and scanning error. Find and rectify the print and scan issue with HP Print and Scan Doctor a tool for windows. Now enter 1510 in your browser of the computer and find Use HP Print and Scan Doctor. Then click DOWNLOAD NOW and the computer prompts a window having question like, “Is your printer currently offline?”
  • If you are facing issue with printer offline and not printing issue click ok to download the latest version of app to resolve the problem otherwise click NO. Next open the file from the download the package extracts and install. Follow the prompts to finish the installation process. Then in the HP Print and Scan Doctor screen click Start button to troubleshoot HP Deskjet 1510 printer. Now the tool scan for the printer connected with the computer in the next step choose your printer listed from the below listed products.
  • If you don’t see your HP Deskjet 1510 printer click My Product is not listed. Choose your printer and click next. In the following page choose fix printing or fix scanning. The tool in turn verifies a list of possible condition that may prevent the printer from normal working condition. A test page prints to check the printing condition. To learn the compatibility of HP print and scan doctor with your printer and further information visit 1510
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Initially check if the printer and the computer connected in the same wireless network.
  • Then change the firewall settings of your computer since it obstructs the printer from connecting with the computer.
  • Keep the printer near to the system and remove any objects deflects the signal between them.
  • Update the latest software driver. If the printer has a wired connection, check the phone cable and Ethernet cable are in its appropriate port.
  • Connect the printer to the wireless network. Print a Network Configuration Page. Note down the IP address of your printer.
  • Enter the IP in the browser of your computer. Click “continue” in the security window and in the EWS web page click web service tab.
  • Now click continue in the web service Setup page to turn ON the web service.
  • Set the firewall strength to medium and update the firewall to the latest version
  • Add the HP programs in the trusted zone and make sure they are not blocked.
  • Always click allow in the pop up of firewall while installing the HP printer software.
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