Guidelines to setup and install printer - 100

Specifications of HP Officejet 100

HP Officejet 100 is an in expensive printer and at the same time the printer can do multi functions. The printer can print Wi-Fi and support mobile printing which includes printing the content from the cloud. It gives Wireless, Ethernet and USB connectivity. Get the software and driver packages for your printer from 100 or . Supported OS for windows are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. In case of iOS OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X v10.6, OS X v10.7 Lion, OS X v10.10 Yosemite, and OS X v10.11 El Capitan, OS X v10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X v10.5.

123-hp-com-oj-setup-100 100 - Initial HP Officejet 100 setup

  • Initially take your printer out of the package box. Set aside all the manual papers, power cord fax cord, software installation CD, adaptor and other paper references about your printer.
  • Next pull out the covers that contains HP Officejet 100 and remove the plastic cover. Then remove the Styrofoam on the both sides.
  • Then pull out the blue tapes gently around the printer. Open the scanner lid and remove a piece of plastic sheet and close the scanner lid.
  • Now go to the back of the printer and push the two buttons on both side of the duplexer it comes out remove the blue tapes and any packing materials inside and place the duplexer back in its slot.
    You can find a tray extension part that came along with the package. Attach it with the paper tray and adjust the paper width guide.
  • There is another output tray take that remove all the plastic around them and you can find two tabs push it in the paper tray it can easily attached to the printer. For detailed info please visit 100 .

Download software for HP Officejet 100

  • From the printer control panel touch the wireless symbol then touch settings now Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • In the following screen choose your network name and then enter your network password. Now the printer connected to the wireless network.
  • The software installation requires USB cable to be connected with the printer and the computer. You can remove the cable after installing the software.
  • Navigate to and click printer and enter model name and model number.
  • You can do any needed changes such as changing the operating system and click submit. In the next screen option such as full software package and basic drivers display. Choose the required package and click download.
  • Install the package and follow the instruction to complete the software package installation process. 100 - Loading ink cartridges and papers

  • First take out the power cord and power module untwist them. Connect one end of the power cord to the power module and other to the printer power output.
  • Next connect the module directly to the wall outlet. Lift the display and tilt it up to your convenience. Then press the power button, the printer starts to initialize it takes few moments to setup.
  • Now choose language, region and click OK. In the next step printer prompts to install the ink cartridges. Open the cartridge access door wait for few moments for the carriage to come to access area. Push the cartridges into its slot matching color of the cartridge and color of the slot.
  • Then HP Officejet 100 prompts to load paper in the output tray. Open the paper tray and load it with stack of fresh unused paper.
  • Use the paper width guide to adjust the paper and keep it in place while printing. Now touch next in the printer display.
  • The printer aligns and prints the alignment page. Downloaded the printer software and drivers from 100 . Clear the printer issues and printer setup errors from .

How to use Printing Solutions?

  1. First connect your wireless HP Officejet 100 printer to a wireless network and connect the iOS device to the same network.
  2. Then open the document and photo that needs to printed and click the share icon. Now click the print icon.
  3. Next choose printer tab then select your printer name and adjust your printer settings. Now click Print. Check 100 for upgrading print quality with airprint and to solve printing issue.
  1. Initially touch the HP ePrint button from the display and touch setup then go along with the prompts to enable the web service.
  2. For printer drivers and software for HP Officejet 100 visit 100 and download the appropriate package.
    Next print the web info page where you can find the mail address.
  3. Get your phone or computer and open the mail application. Compose a mail and in the “To” field enter printers mail address.
  4. Finally Attach document or photo that needs to printed and click send. For printing webpages, open the web page that needs to print, copy the content and paste in a document and send the document to the printer mail address for printing.
  1. Install the app from 100 . Now connect the phone to the same wireless network as that of the printer.
  2. Then open the app, add your printer if your printer is not listed, click plus symbol and add your printer name.
  3. Print stored images and also pictures and documents from cloud services using this app.
  4. In the home screen of your app make sure your printer name is there and tap any tile to print.

WI-FI direct printing setup

In windows

  • If you are guest printing or there is no local network available you can use Wi-Fi direct for printing purpose.
  • Initially turn ON your printer, then from your computer click start and in the search bar enter Printers and Scanners.
  • Next select the printer settings from the result and click the plus symbol with Add a printer or scanner in it. Now the screen refreshes and search for printer and scanner.
  • Then click the “Show Wi-Fi direct printers” link. Then choose your printer name from the list and the printer name must start with Direct in the front.
  • Now click Add Device and check the 100 printer display. Keep in mind that the pin must entered in the window within 90 second.
  • Then note down the 8 digit pin displayed on your printer and in the WPS pin window enter the WPS pin of HP Officejet 100 and click next. Now your Printer added to the list. Continue your print job

In mac OS

  • First click the wireless icon in mac OS and select your printer name with direct in front of its name.
  • In your HP Officejet 100 printer control panel click wireless symbol then touch reports and choose Network Summary to find the network name and network summary.
  • Then enter the WPS pin of your 100 printer. Then click join in the prompt.
    Now open the photo or document you want to print, go to File and click print.
  • Choose your printer name and adjust the print settings in the following prompt and click print.
  • If you receive any error message such as Driver Unavailable during the setup kindly install or update the latest version of your printer software and driver from 100 or . 100 - WI-FI direct printing setup
  1. Check your printer enabled with the Wi-Fi direct feature.
  2. To turn ON this go to printer control display and touch Network menu then select Wi-Fi direct and choose ON or  OFF from the option.
  3. Update the latest printer software firmware from .
  4. Remove any USB or Ethernet cable connected with the printer.
  5. Restore the default network setting of the printer. Touch the wireless icon from the display and click setting icon and select Restore Network Settings.
  1. Initially connect your Wi-Fi direct printer with your computer. Then enter the IP of your Embedded Web Server in your browser and click Enter.
  2. Then click Network tab in the following window and click Wi-Fi direct option from the side bar and click status.
  3. Follow the on screen instruction and click Advance and choose Proceed to (IP address).
  4. Click Edit Settings in the Wi-Fi Direct Status Screen and do the changes and click Apply.
  1. Check whether the AirPrint feature enabled or not. Enter the IP address of your printer in the browser of your apple device and enter.
  2. In the EWS screen click network and then AirPrint and then Status. Next click OK in the Redirecting to Secure Page.
  3. And in “This connection is not private window” click “visit the website link” and check if your AirPrint enabled or not in the following page.
  4. Next check your iOS device connected to the same network or different network.
Disclaimer 100 believes in providing quality content to the readers regarding the technical issues in printers. We are third party service providers and don’t support or supply any HP products. The information expressed herein is for general purpose only and have no bond with HP printers.

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