Printer installation and setup

Printer 123printersetup needs a computer, Printer and the router. The printer and the computer should be connected to the same active network. Then make sure the computer is near to the Printer. Then, download the printer software and drivers from 123printersetup . Extract the software to install the software in the computer. Next click the check box in the consecutive pages to accept the terms and policy. Finally, follow the on screen instruction to finish the installation process.

Troubleshooting Printer Setup

After installing the device driver and software from 123printersetup try to connect printer with the computer if having any issue follow the steps,

  • First in the computer after installing the device driver and software the list of printers and other devices connected to the same network will be listed.
  • Then, choose your printer name in the below listed printers connected to the network. If your printer is not connected click Printer is not shown option in the list. Then choose the connection method that your printer is connected with the system wireless network, Ethernet cable or USB cable.
  • On choosing wireless network the system will try to reconnect with the printer again.
  • The system will prompt to temporarily connect a USB cable to the printer and the system. Now connect the square end of cable to the printer and the flat end to the computer.
  • Next the computer will attempt to install the drivers and software. Then the software extracts and launches. Now follow the following steps prompted on the screen to complete the setup process.
  • Finally, the wireless network setup will now install in the Printer 123printersetup. After successfully installing the setup remove the USB cable.

Web Services

  • First to use ePrint services enable web services options and assign an ePrint email address in Printer and connect the printer to an active network with internet connection.
  • Then by using the printer apps installed in the printer one can print and access web content. printer even allows you to print the content in the web automatically.
  • Then, printer connects to the printer directly from any location. It is simple to use ePrint.
  • For ePrint service there is no need for any special driver or software. ePrint supports maximum of file format that includes HTML, PDF,.docx and PowerPoint. Importantly the printer has ePrint security option sending all attachment and the documents to be printed in a print only format. Then, it reduces the threat of spam, content phishing and virus threat.
  • Then to improve printers security options share your email address to known person only. By setting an account in ePrintCenter website the email senders to the printer can also be filtered.
  • Finally the Web Services in the printer includes ePrint, Print Apps and scheduled printing.

Enabling Web Services on your web connector Printer

After connecting the printer to the active internet network Enable Web Service option appear in your printer access control. Then press OK to accept and continue terms of use and enabling web services. If one didn’t enable web service on the initial setup of the printer enable the web service by touching ePrint button on the control panel display. Next on successfully connecting the printer to the ePrint service the printer will print an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet contains all the information for the printer to connect to the ePrintCenter. Finally, create an account ePrintCenter and get the email address for the ePrint. In the setting one can enable or disable list of those sending emails.


Mobile Printing


  • Initially for ePrint we need printer, an android phone and ePrint application which you can download from the play store.
  • Next check if your printer 123printersetup and the phone are connected to the same network.
  • Inside the app you can see the list of printer in the network, the printers you have added before in the network and the printing services that are nearby your printer 123printersetup .
  • On entering the email address of the  printer the application will send an activation code to the email address. Then, check the 4 digit alpha numeric activation code send to the email address.
  • Next enter the activation code in the android device in the ePrint application. Then, click done in the consecutive page of the application. Now the printer name with enabled web service will be listed which connected on to the same network as the mobile.


  • Printers make instant and easy wireless printing for iOS mobile. For this setup iOS mobile, mobile and an active network are needed.
  • Initially check if the mobile and the printer are connected in the same active network. Then, enable the AirPrint option in your printer settings.
  • Next choose the document that you want to print through air from the iPhone to the printer. Then, click share icon and print option, even you can enter the number of copies you want to make.
  • Then, just make sure the iOS device is upgraded to the latest version of OS and the printer is installed with the latest firmware in it.
  • Finally, the airPrint increases efficiency and productivity of your business by reducing the time you spend on printing. It is also ease to use and offers flexibility to the office staff that connected on the same office network. 


The Envy printers are inkjet printers. The major advantage of the envy printers is that they have “Wireless-N-technology”. Then, using this technology the envy printer can connect to multiple computers at the same time.

The Envy printer can print wirelessly through ePrint and airprint applications. Envy printer supports fax broadcasting, fax forwarding and auto fax properties. By using “Automatic two sided” properties the paper, time and electricity can be conserved. Lastly the Envy printer software and drivers can be downloaded and installed from 123printersetup .

Setting Two Sided Printing In Envy Printers For Windows

Initially download the device drivers and software from 123printersetup . The two sided printing function is available for printers supporting duplexing capabilities.

Next connect the printer and the computer on the same active network. Then click device and printer from control panel of the computer to find the printer.

On finding the printer names right click on the printer to and choose printer preferences. Now find feature tab in the following screen and find two sided printing options in the paper savings options area. In the dropdown choose automatically and click OK in the bottom to save the changes.


OfficejetPro printers are budget friendly with scanning, copying and faxing functions. These officejetPro printers are laser printers that uses dry toner to print. Then, the dry toner fuse to the paper uses heat to print the documents. The advantage of dry toner is that it won’t dry out like the ink does instead the dry toner is made up of plastic components and it also placed inside the cartridge.

OfficejetPro printer are designed for industrial use and also for small office use. They come with a warranty too depend upon the printer model number. With duplex printing the printer can print both sides of the printer. Next you can scan the document with the automatic document feeder which accepts the permissible size of papers. Then the Officejet-Pro printer suggests two thousand pages per month hence it is used for small office and home based office purpose.

Wireless Setup Of OfficejetPro Printers

    • First select the more info button on the control panel, touch the more info button and choose manual setup.
    • Next touch wireless icon in the home menu and then tap wireless button on the control panel.
    • Then on choosing wireless setup wizard, the list of active wireless network will display.
    • Now choose the network name if it is password protected enter your password and save the network.
    • Finally your printed is connected with the wireless network. Then troubleshoot any setup error by visiting 123printersetup .


Officejet printers are all in one printers designed for small business. Officejet printers are laserjet printers. The officejet pro gives a feature called instant ink. Then, to use instant ink you must enroll your printer in the instant ink website. After enrolling the printer will send the ink usage to the instant ink account timely. Once your ink is nearing to the end point the instant ink will send ink cartridges.

Officejet can support can handle more jobs and save time and money by using two side printing feature. Finally to use wireless scanning and printing functions the device drivers and software can be downloaded from 123printersetup

Security Features Of Officejet Printers

Unsecured printers risk your network security. Most of the office printers are not in the primary list to get security but the hackers and attackers use the printers to do all hacking process. The Officejet printer’s security features protect from network defects. The malicious activities on your devices can be prevented with the help of embedded security of the 123printersetup printer. Printers can self-heal from such attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The printer may turn OFF or the printer and the computer are connected in different network.

If the printer gets insufficient power to scan or any issues with scanner mechanism you will get the “scan error “message.

First, touch setup icon in the printer control panel then printer maintenance and touch clean print head option. Now a test page prints after cleaning the print head. Use it to check the print quality.

When your printer is not enrolled in instant ink service you will receive the “Cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in Instant Ink” message on using instant ink cartridge.

Initially check if the printer and your iOS device are connected on the same network. Then restart your printer, check the paper tray for paper, move the router near to the printer and make sure the devise uses updated version of iOS.

Leave the printer unplugged for thirty minutes and then plug back. Then, open the toner cartridge and check for any paper pieces. Clean the ink cartridges slot and paper print path. It would remove any seen paper pieces inside the printer.

Having incorrect telephone connection or having any network problem with the telephone connection will prompt the communication error while sending fax. 

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